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Posted: 6/17/2007 8:01:47 PM EST
i asked about this movie in the past and got no replies. i rented it tonight.

its actually a decent flick. came out within the last year i figure since its in the new release section at the movie rental store.

some scenes with air craft are kinda cheesy / bad special effects... its a lower budget film. but the gun shootouts were above par- IMO. pretty well acted shootouts / explosions.

lots of very good footage from WW2.

quick summary of the plot-

WW2- the nazis have looted a lot of dutch paintings / gold / etc and have them stored away... lots of people find out and everyone is trying to get it- the germans, the british, the americans... reminds me of the old clint eastwood flick "kellys heroes" ( i believe that was the name? where they were trying to get the gold bars from the bank at the end of the war )

if you can just sit back and watch a movie without criticizing some points or taking it too seriously, i think this was a great film.

there havent been as many WW2 movies as i would like to see lately, this one is pretty good.

i also REALLY like " A Midnight Clear" which is probably 7+/- years old. about a small group of american soldiers in germany who have to set up base in a abandoned mansion and find a group of german soldiers stationed in the woods very close to them... the war is almost over and the germans dont want to fight...
Link Posted: 6/17/2007 10:06:27 PM EST
Sorry man, but this movie sucks. hard.

The g/f and I sit through lots of crummy "shootin' flicks" and we both were quite disappointed.

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