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Posted: 4/30/2002 2:14:40 AM EDT
just sitting back thinking about what i use to carry in my webbing,6 mags on my left hand side,in 2 m-16 pouches,chest rig 8,and as many as i could cram in my smock,its mags and water for me,this is comfortable in the set up i use,then u got the rest,lol,weapon used is the Aug  or m249?
Link Posted: 4/30/2002 12:22:46 PM EDT
or are ya like the pte piles and carry candybars
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 7:11:44 AM EDT
Basic load in the U.S. is 210 rounds which is to say 7 mags. I always carried double. 6 in M-16 pouches on the web belt. 6 in pouches on the LBV vest. 1 in the rifle and one in the buttpack. Full ones upside down and empties right side up.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 3:02:32 PM EDT
Carried fifteen, twenty round mags.  Seven mags in each of two bandoleers and one in the rifle.-TR
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 3:44:08 PM EDT
Carried 4 18 rd mags in my pouches and 1 in my M16A1 (90rds).  Always had a can or two nearby though.  Could also stuff my flak vest with mags too.
Link Posted: 5/2/2002 4:35:59 PM EDT
anyone ever tape para cord to the bottoms of your mags so you could rip them out in a hurry?i just want to compare notes on kit,i'm a ex nz Infantry m249 gunner.  
Link Posted: 5/9/2002 7:54:22 AM EDT
when we wuz in nam we carried claymore bags as we only had 20 rd'ers u can get 6-7 on a side and a stripper clip bandoleer a 20' in each slot

we only had the old canvas m-14 pouches on web so only carried 3 each but did tape w/green tape for faster pull out no 1 ever thiought of para cord. 1 in weapon.--- on convoy we taped 2 togther as in the bush was a muddy mess.

my 1st platoon sgt had been in the ia-drang and after our 1st little recon where we returned fire he callled us all together for a de-breif and had us count ammo after that scary moment(we were almost all out)  we loaded up
he showed us the c-bag trick and we learned o.j.t. about the stripper clip bag thingy at camp eagle during in country indoc.

phan rang-lai khe-black virgin

april67-tet 68



Link Posted: 5/9/2002 11:25:59 PM EDT
[i][green]Hey Gunner,
In my unit(USMC SOC), we carried thirteen 30 round magazines on our web gear while serving in Desert Storm. We wore two magazine pouches left and two right of the buckle of our web belts; each pouch holding three mags. The last magazine was in the weapon. We also packed additional ammunition in our buttpack. combine that with at least two grenades, more for some, four one quart canteens, two MRE's in the buttpack (field stripped), first aid kit, knife or bayonet,compass and pistols and pistol magazines for some. That was a fair amount of weight on the web gear alone! You tended to run out of belt space pretty quickly unless you had a thick waist. Since I didn't, I used a leg drop holster from Galco, to pack my pistol. I also wore my knife in a leg drop, off the web belt.
I carry my gear much the same way now, in the Reserves, though I've tossed the H harness and now wear my web belt on a Blackhawk Vest I had made years ago, when they did the custom route. It has my pistol holster with a flap(Can be velcroed out of the way), mounted on the forward left panel, facing the vest, a two pistol mag pouch outboard of that, two smaller horizontal pouches over it, but high enough to allow the pistol easy presentation, while still keeping the shoulder clear and four different size horizontal pouches on the right, with a flashlight pouch(closed to avoid AD) mounted vertically outboard of that. The vest is made of heavy duty nylon mesh, so it's only a little hotter than the H harness, and all the pockets allow much better accessibility than the buttpack, while worn. BH and others offer similar models now, though they didn't at the time. I'm left handed, so this set up works for me. I also tossed two canteens from my belt, and carry a Camelbak, in a back pouch on the vest.
Many of the younger guys have relinquished the magazine pouches all together in lieu of the LBV. Of course this only holds six magazines, so they should probably avoid protracted fire fights...Some of the smarter ones will at least carry a SAW pouch, which holds a half dozen mags side by side, bringing them back up to a proper (IMO) load. We use the 550 cord and tape now. Back then, we just made pull tabs with the 100 mile and hour tape. It worked, though in retrospect, the 550 cord would have been a better option.
Back then, I also had some of the older style mag pouches, that had an internal divider which allowed the pouch to be worn with the top back, tucked behind the belt, for fast access, as the divider had individual flaps which snapped over each mag. These were a superior design IMO, and I was sad to see them go. They helped keep the mags rattle free, as well.
Link Posted: 5/12/2002 11:25:29 PM EDT
Well, I was a M60 gunner most of my time in the Army. In my magazine pouches on my LBE I would carry a spoon wrapped around in a orange signal cloth, camo sticks, a compass, bug juice, and a signal mirror. I would stuff a drive on rag in the magazine pouch I would get rid of the bad rattles.

About the spoon. If I dropped my dark brown spoon while eating reconstituted dehydrated food stuff at night I always had a backup.

As a rifleman I would carry six magazines on me with one in weapon and another mag pouch on my rucksack where it could be reached by a buddy or I could just take off ruck.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 4:21:44 AM EDT
[i][green]Hey Gunner,
In my unit(USMC SOC), [/i][/green]
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Who are they?
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 9:52:38 AM EDT
[i][green]Hey Gunner,
In my unit(USMC SOC), [/i][/green]
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Who are they?
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[i][green]Hey Everyone,
In addition to Force Recon and Recon units, the US Marine Corps has Battalions known as Special Operations Capable(SOC). They are required to be proficient in all standard infantry skills, while having a host of more specialized mission requirements, such as; Hostage Rescue, Large Scale Civilian Extractions(NEO), Forward Reconnaisiance, ect. The closest aproximation in another branch would be a US Army Ranger Battalion.
My particular Unit was Third Battalion, First Marines(SOC). We were also attached as the Thirteenth Marine Expeditionary Unit(MEU SOC), and the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Unit(MEU SOC) for the two deployments I made with the unit.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 11:01:21 AM EDT
You know in around 13 years of being in the Marine, eight in commission service.  I have never heard of that.  Although I have done a pump or two, the SOC designation goes to the MEU, not the BN within the GCE (since the LAR, Arty and Combat engineers have specific tasks as part of the GCE), also the ACE and MSSG have specific events, specifically in NEO and all the delievery of forces they must accomplish in order for the whole MEU to be SOC qualified.  A large portion of the SOC tasks themselves are done by the CE and not any portion of the assigned units of the GCE, ACE (other than the air flying them in)or MSSG.

For a while one of the BN from 8th Marines was designated a "Raid" battalion, but that went away also.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 5:52:42 PM EDT
[soapbox][flame]Originally Posted By ST[i][red]ILL[/i][/red]L[i][red]EA[/i][/red]RN[i][red]ING[/i][/red]:
You know[i][red],[/i][/red] in around[i][red]I guess you didn't major in English...[/i][/red] 13 years of being in the Marine[i][red]s[/i][/red], eight in commission[i][red]ed[/i][/red] service[i][red],[/i][/red] I have never heard of that.  Al[i][red]l[/i][/red]  though I have done a pump or two[i][red]I'm guessing alot more, kinda follows being a [b]handjob...guess it's a question of endurance...[/b][/i][/red], the SOC designation goes to the MEU[red][i]Marine Expeditionary Unit[/red][/i], not the BN[red][i]Battalion[/red][/i] within the GCE [red][i]Ground Combat Element[/i][/red](since the LAR, Arty and Combat [i][red]E[/i][/red]ngineers have specific tasks as part of the GCE), also the ACE[red][i]Air Combat Element[/red][/i] and MSSG [red][i]This is the Service and Support Group[/i][/red]have specific events, specifically in NEO[i][red]...[/i][/red]
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[i][green]Hey Everyone,
Wow! I spent four years in a unit that doesn't officially exist?[>:/] I should join the A Team![:P]From your list of quotes, I'd guess you to be a cannon cocker[rocket], though as an officer, you would have been more likely to fire off your mouth and memos than rounds...[grenade] I guess old habits die hard...[;D]If that's the case, maybe you should have taken a stroll up the road to Camp Horno.[moon]
By the way, I attended ROTC at Princeton, but decided to stay enlisted. I preferred to be a Warrior instead of a Politician.[:D] If you were hoping to impress me with the zero thing,[rolleyes] nice try...You did a fine job however, of conveying the condescending attitude in your post.[puke]
Thanks for the information. My foolish Battalion Commander really looks poorly in hindsight with all those "Uhhrah, We are SOC" speeches.[rolleyes] Obviously the Marine Corps wasn't thinking when he was nominated for a Silver Star and transferred to The War College after Desert Storm...[shock] Apparently that silly First Lt.(LDO) from Conad, that signed my DD214 didn't realize that our Battalion wasn't SOC qualified either. It's on my DD214.[spank] Those idiots in S1 demanding that our mailing address include the SOC in it... Hell, the S3 could haved saved alot of time organizing all those damn training cycles with members of the Special Operations community. I guess every Marine Unit attends SEAL Training Programs in Coranado and Okinawa, Army Ranger Training Programs in Fort Ord, then there was that training with the 10th Special Forces Group also in Fort Ord...[stick]Lets not even get into all the "conventional training" like the Rock Package at Bridgeport, Artic Warfare Training there and in Alaska, and too many more to list...Poor S2 processing all those security clearances...They could have saved time and effort if they had just spoken with you... Let's not get into all that money the S4 wasted ordering high speed gear...It's a shame that we didn't have you there to square us all away...[whacko]
I also wanted to compliment you on the[flame] disrespectful fashion you used to attempt to discredit a Vietnam Vet[BD] in another thread. It's always good to see the self anointed[:o)] dispensing their version of truth. Thanks again.[kill][moon]
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 2:45:12 AM EDT
Oh, I admit I learn thing everyday, but I also have read the order on the MEU SOC program, and from your response apparently you haven't.  I guess at a time it might been a little special to be a SOC, but since around 93 or so all units that go out are SOC qualified.

The reason you got the condescending attitude was for the SOC comment. No Battalion in the Marines is a "SOC." Almost everyone of the specific SOC tasks is not done by the BN, that is what the MSPF is there for. Most jobs the BN does are the conventional ops. The Battalion [b]as part of a MEU[/b] can be SOC qualified, but [b]it losses that designation after the MEU.[/b] What an 01 does with a typewriter doesn't mean it is reality so I could care less what CONAD did, it doesn't change the fact you were part of a MEU (SOC) and not a BLT (SOC) or BN (SOC) and there is no USMC (SOC).

And in your experience you ought to know that about the standard MEU work up. EVERY GCE goes through most of that training.  Even as an 08 I have done the MWLC and rock package at Pickle meadows. Ranger school is at Fort Benning, not at Fort Ord, and Marine units did go to Fort Ord for training, now they go to Fort Irwin. And I am pretty sure that your whole BN didn't go to BUD/S or STT, parts of a MEU (SOC) GCE and ACE do training with the SEALS, but that is not quite "going to SEAL training programs." The every Marine has some level of security clearance, there are only about a dozen jobs in the Corps that don't require at least NAC (my BN S2 has 100 in the system right now). The locked on unit gets a big package of high speed gear from the MEU when they lock on. Most of my guys were amazed at all the Eagle products we got a while ago. It boil down to you did some training that about all MEU (SOC) BLTs go through, so what?  So no everything you said really didn't impress me, and your use of the SOC was meant to impress those that don't know, and I still say BS.

I guess I can start saying I am SOC also, since I have been to artic and mountain warfare in Bridgeport and Pohang, Jungle warfare in Panama and Okinawa, MOUT at Lejeune and Bragg and Desert in Kuwait and 29 Palms. What a F'ing joke.
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 11:58:24 AM EDT
Oh, I admit I learn thing [i][red]Hey, they make "Hooked on Phonix" for officers now, too...[/i][/red]everyday, but I also have read the order on the MEU SOC program, and from your response apparently you haven't. [i][red]Wow, you got me tough guy![rolleyes] Some live it, others read about it...Gotta love those pogues and their manuals...[/i][/red] I guess at a time it might been a little special to be a SOC, but since around 93 or so all units that go out are SOC qualified[i][red]EASed in 10/91[/i][/red].
The reason you got the condescending attitude was for the SOC comment.[i][red]Really? Three letters? What a dork! Get a life![/i][/red] There is no USMC (SOC).[i][red]I'll type slow so you can keep up...When I typed [b]USMC SOC[/b],I was abbreviating, something you are quite prone to do.It was easier than typing [b]Battalion Land Team 3/1 SOC, 11th MEUSOC, or 13th  MEUSOC, or 3rd Battalion, First Mairnes SOC[/b][/i][/red]... As an 08 I have done the MWLC and rock package at Pickle meadows.[i][red]Wow, you really attended [b]conventional training[/b]? Mountaineering is always important for arty...[rolleyes][/i][/red] Ranger school is at Fort Benning, not at Fort Ord,[i][red]No kidding?[shock] I suppose all those guys from the 75th that live up there should go back to Ft.Benning...Saying that Ranger Training Programs are restricted to Ranger School(We sent Marines there too), is like saying Marine Training stops after bootcamp...[/i][/red] and Marines did go to Fort Ord for training. And I am pretty sure that your whole BN didn't go to BUD/S or STT,[i][red]Here we go again smart guy...Believe it or not, Seals actually attend more than just Basic...They have some excellent Close Quarters Battle Training Programs, Small Unit Tatics, Amphibious Reconnasiance and others...[moon][/i][/red] parts of a MEU (SOC) GCE and ACE do training with the SEALS, but that is not quite "going to SEAL training programs."[i][red]I didn't include all the Spec Ops Units we trained with, foriegn and domestic. I was referring to training in an educational sense...Try to keep up[/i][/red] The every Marine has some level of security clearance. My BN S2 has 100 in the system right now)[i][red]A hundred, really?[rolleyes]That's impressive...[bounce][/i][/red] The locked on unit gets a big package of high speed gear from the MEU when they lock on.[i][red]Funny, we weren't blessed with anything before depolyment.[/i][/red] It boil down to you did some training that about all MEU (SOC) BLTs go through, so what?  So no everything you said really didn't impress me, and your use of the SOC was meant to impress those that don't know, and I still say BS.[i][red]That was a really impressive attempt at English...Keep trying...So your whole arguement is that I was part of something larger MEU vs. BLT? What a putz...[/i][/red]What a [b]"F'ing joke"[/b][i][red]You should consider making this your new loggin[/i][/red].[/quote]
[i][green]I did want to ask about your qualification to advise someone on how to pack their gear.[>:/] Since you are in Arty, you don't hump you gear. You move via truck, live in a tent and sit at a feild desk...[thinking]Oh yeah, I forgot, you have manuals...[;)] You know it's probably a good thing for you, that "your" Marines would have a difficult time explaining a negligent discharge with a howitzer[rail]Don't feel compelled to respond to this. I won't be replying to anything else you post.
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 12:45:40 PM EDT
That's nice you are not going to reply.  I have done both a MEU (SOC) and UDP before, so yes I can speak from actual experience also.  And to see if I was a little harsh, in my pronouncement I asked some of the SNCO and officers in my battalion, combine total about 300 or so years Marine Corps time in all 4 divisions with around 42 pumps total, the very question of some saying there were part of a BN that was a SOC on something like a resume and what importance that gave, and pretty much the consensus is that is a) either attempting to "pad" their resume with the understanding that most civilians and non-Marines don't understand what occurs in the Corps. b) if they actually believe that was anything special or unique, they were someone way down on the totem pool that doesn't understand the big picture of what the Corps does.   I feel it a little of both in your case.  
My 1stSgt, former 0369 prior to being a 9999, even said in his 7 deployments (2 MAUs, 1 MEU, 1 MEU(S0C), 1 UDP) he never heard something so stupid as someone thinking the Battalion and not the MEU was Special Operations Capable, basically stating what assets do they bring to the fight that any other Battalion wouldn't.  It was also kind of funny that even you unknowing confirm what I already stated about getting allot of gear when you lock on, but I guess you just got to feel special.

Well since you never seemed to work with an FO team before, who do they come from?  That's right the Artillery Battery, I guess you wouldn't know that the only people in the Company who carried more gear were the mortarmen, all FO carry all the gear necessary to get fires on the target, i.e. radios and observed fire gear.  

it also sounds like you got in trouble for your dislike of Officer, whats wrong too many NJP?

But since you weren't aware of it all Marine officers, doesn't matter their MOS, going to an infantry course that is 6 month long prior to going to their MOS school, outside my enlisted time and when I was an FO, and a provisional rifle platoon commander, and a provisional rifle battery commander I have carried a pack, but unlike you I really don't see how that gives someone any insight.  

Since you have done two pumps, maybe you can remember what role the artillery battery always plays in the MEU (SOC)?  What you cannot remember, well they are the 4th maneuver element within the MEU.  In the recent past, Kosovo and Somalia, the artillery Battery while conducting urban patrols got in more fire fights than the infantry.

The reason I get bent out of shape about people distorting things like I was SOC or what ever. I really hate inaccuracy, and if it had been an honest mistake, like you didn't know the MEU itself was the SOC, than I would have left it at that, but anyone who reads your post can tell you are attempting to present the inaccuracy to make those who don't know think you are something you are not.
Link Posted: 5/24/2002 12:56:05 PM EDT
I spent a few years, in the late 80's, in 3rd Ranger Battalion 75th Inf. I was mostly a 60 gunner but the TO&E of all three Ranger Battalions at the time was 7 30 round mags carried in two ammo pouches on the front of our LBE,and in the ruck was bandoleers, plus either M-60 ammo or 1 90mm round or 1 60 mm motor round.
Link Posted: 5/26/2002 12:35:18 AM EDT
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