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Posted: 5/12/2004 9:12:05 AM EST
i was just in the gym watching cnn, and they are beginning to blame the U.S. GOV. for Nick Berg's death...not the bastards that killed him, or more importently the religion that employes them to engage is such brutality...

Jesus Christ -there will be many false profets, you will know them by the fruit they bear.

thanx mohamed, everything you touched has been great for humanity, if you dont fit the description of a false profet...i just dont know

Islam=death cult
Link Posted: 5/12/2004 9:57:41 AM EST
Trust me this has nothing to do with Nick Berg.

Pics of Iraqis getting degraded is bad for Bush.
Pics of American getting murdered, strenghthens US resolve and helps Bush.

Which side do you think MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS are gonna take.
To me they are all part of the "anybody but Bush" crowd.

Liberalism is a social disease, not unlike Islam. They both get into your brain and turn it to shit, forcing you to become mindless, spineless and just another follower.
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