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Posted: 9/21/2001 9:19:47 PM EDT
i still have an old guns and ammo magazine that i keep in my library under the sink in the bathroom, theres an article of how the m16 did in desert storm, and mentioned that the marines bent the part that engages the burst mechanism out of engagement, making it full auto. it also claimed that commanders okayed it. my question: will they let em do it again? that 3 rnd burst is so stupid in my opinion. i say let the guys start throwing as much shit down range as possible, let the snipers worry about one shot one kill. ive never been in combat, but can assure you that if i was, i would be no hero, id be lobbing whatever i had and as much of it as i could, over my head with my eyes closed crapping my pants. mine as well have full auto.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 9:29:31 PM EDT
You can only carry so much.When you run out you will be crappin.I can think of better ways to die than a group of women stoning me to death.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 9:35:51 PM EDT
so what did the guys in nam do when they put it over their head and unloaded a whole mag in 2 seconds? or the guys that said, fuck this, and ran away with the rifle over their head, pointed behind them, unloading the full mag, trying to catch up with their buddies? and that was only when they werent scared shitless, sitting completely quiet in their holes, listening to an nva regiment walking around them at night, praying to god for those damn jets to light the place up. we/ve had this discussion before, do you really think about your ammo supply while getting shot at? or do you simply try to survive? its a question i guess only the vets here can answer, but im sure they will even tell us that everybody reacts differently, and nobody knows till they get there.
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