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1/16/2020 9:48:49 PM
Posted: 9/20/2009 6:24:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2009 6:26:55 AM EST by hotrod_sxty8]
the wife and I were on the way home from fishing last night and saw a couple of LEO's on the side of the road, The place they were pulled over is a pretty bad "T" intersection where 2 county highways come together. anyway we were out of smokes and went to the gas station next to the intersection and while I went in to get my smokes the wife contacted her friend who was working county dispatch. I came out and wifey tells me that there was an accident involving a fleeing suspected revoked and possible DUI.
I pulled up to the scene and saw 3 officers combing the accident scene and noticed that off into the woods there was a 2 door car completely demolished!! if it wasn't for the officer seeing the car go off into the ditch no one would have found it for possibly days!

I asked the LEO what happened and informed him I was a friend of the dispatcher and did they need any medical help or anything else. well the LEO told me how he was going one direction and the suspects car was traveling the opposite direction at a high rate of speed he clocked him in excess of 85 M.P.H. so the officer slowed down to make a u-turn to pursue the offending vehicle and when he pulled over he could hear the car open up the throttle. now at this moment in time the Wife and I were fishing and I had heard the loud exhaust from the suspects car and had made a comment that someone just left the bar in a hurry when in fact it was the suspect car running from the cops. so the suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed and came up on the "T" intersection and never even tried to stop (no skid marks in the intersection) he launched off the road and into a tree line possibly rolling the car I do know he managed to bend the frame and rip the passenger door off!!

So back to the manhunt I asked the LEO if I could be of assistance in looking for the suspect (the guy had to be hurt pretty bad due to the carnage of the accident scene) and since I lived nearby I knew the area pretty well. so me and the wife take off to search around on the backside of the wooded area of the accident and I knew there was a small gravel road on the back of the woods that had a cornfield on the other side of it, I figured if I was running in that direction I would hide there or try to get as far away as I could.
I went on foot down the gravel road with wifey driving the truck behind me...another LEO came up behind the wife so I flagged her to let him by (a teardrop spot light beats headlights and a 4 d cell mag light anyday) he parked and we went on foot for a about one hundred yards and though it would better to return to the vehicles he thought it would be best if we didn't get to far from the wife he was kinda like " I don't want to leave your wife alone out here" " you never know the guy might show up and try to hurt her/ get your truck" I didn't want to tell the officer but I had my 45 in the truck and she knew how to use it...and she had the doors locked and the window only slightly down.

(now a side note here for any LEO's don;t you find it annoying that when your trying to listen for noise out in the woods or anywhere else for that matter and your being really quiet...that GODAMN electric cooling fan on your cruiser kicks in and it sounds like an airplane taking off!!!!!)

so we returned back to the vehicles and he gets a call the suspect was spotted about 11/4 mile from the scene on the opposite side of the woods where we were so we all headed over there and after a while the LEO's decided to give up searching.. due to the fact like most departments not enough manpower to do a complete search of the area.
they did find the owner of the car and were in the process of contacting them about the situation and also contacted all the local medical facilities to be on the lookout for a walk in car accident victim.

we hung around the area for a while after the LEO's left to see if he would pop up after they left but alas no luck, no blading, no civilian arrest....lol
as far as I know he's not been captured hell he may even be dead out there...
gonna go by the accident scene in a few minutes and see if the car is still down there and get pics!

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