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Posted: 5/20/2001 11:05:45 PM EDT
was driving through the neighborhood today on a long stretch of street where there was no cross streets to turn off of. normal speed was about 30mph so i got up to the back of a car doing 5mph, it had balloons tied on top and signs in the windows protesting the expansion of the airport. next i see 3 more cars in front of it dressed up in signs and balloons, i turned out into the opposite lane to look down the street i saw about 30 cars in this vehicular protest ...UGH!!! this is a 2 lane street that narrows as it winds around through the neighborhood and no where to get out, so im stuck for about 30 min in stop and go at 3mph. then i see the parade leader running back and forth up to cars, he finally reached mine and asked if i was apart of the protest, being pissed off i gave a firm loud NO!!!, and i saw many other cars mixed in with the parade that were stuck and going no where, of course theres no room to pass and of course these idiots didnt pull to the side to let anyone go by. finally made it to the blvd and escaped. now im thinking .......WOULD THIS WORK FOR GUN OWNERS ?
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 11:10:23 PM EDT
of course im not saying to be a pubic nuisance like these idiots. but for gun owners to have a vehicular protest driving through the city with signs in the car. but then it would give the cops an easy way to copy down the plate numbers and do a trace.
Link Posted: 5/21/2001 2:12:50 AM EDT
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