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Posted: 11/1/2006 11:01:07 AM EST
So, a guy at work has a daughter, a minor daughter, that has been talking to much older guys on the interweb. The other guys up here want to see what she's up to, we know she's on one (or more) of these friend sites, and we have an email address that she used to log in to Facebook, but no password. She had used one of the computers in the office to log on the other day. The profiles are not under her name, so does anyone have hAx0r tips to find her profile(s)?
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 11:04:31 AM EST
go to "search" on myspace, enter the girls email and her page will pop up.
I dont know about facebook.
Get a keylogger.
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 11:08:57 AM EST
She has a different profile, because her email doesn't pull up anything other than an old profile. You know, everytime some nut goes on a killing spree, the media immediately has their blog and social network profile. How do they do it?
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 11:17:57 AM EST
on mysace, if you cant find her by email, name, or display name, try looking for a good friend of hers. If you an find out her best friends name or a boyfriend look for their name. just type in their name, then set the area code to where they live and lower the miles distance from area code. Once the friend is found look at their friends listings till you find the girl your looking for. But I will tell you that if shes switching emails to try and keep it hiddin, she will have the profile set to private so you cant look at it. So what I would do is create a fake profile and request to be one of her friends. Once she approves you can look at her profile.

For facebook, you can only use your email address your school gave you, they only give you one. So the one she has should be her normal one look on there for her friends. Copy down their email address (Facebook does provide those openly) take all those emails and search on myspace with them.

Hope this helps.
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