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Posted: 4/12/2001 10:43:16 PM EDT
It seems like everytime I want to get some rounds for my handguns or rifles I always end up just buyng a new gun and start the saving up for shells process all over again. Whats my deal? Just the other day i was going to blow $500 on bulk ammo, but a gleam in my eye told me to buy a ArmaLite M15A2 instead, $825.  well that puts me in the hole again in the ammo department. I can't afford to shoot any of my guns besides my 10/22. (keep in mind I am in college. one day I will have a real job I hope.)
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 10:46:54 PM EDT
 Dude, the Gov. prints more money every day.
Spend it up while you still can. Just buy cheap Mil. surplus ammo.

Link Posted: 4/12/2001 10:51:56 PM EDT
OH GOD am I guilty of that.

I have a minimum though-

2000 Rounds 9MM
1000 Rounds 5.45
500 Rounds 12 Ga.

...on hand at all times.

Anything above that, I can shoot up.
I just went through 500 Rounds of 9MM today.
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 11:40:49 PM EDT

My brother keeps saving up for an AR. Everytime he gets half way there he buys another AK or SKS. Dumbass

Link Posted: 4/12/2001 11:46:01 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Kevin N:

My brother keeps saving up for an AR. Everytime he gets half way there he buys another AK or SKS. Dumbass

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Sounds like me, I've bought so many $50 Surplus rifles that I could've bought something pretty cool if I just would have saved it and spent it all at once.
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 11:46:37 PM EDT
Not to mention 5 10/22s, and 2 more receivers on the way!
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 11:53:08 PM EDT
My personal policy is : Guns on credit cards and ammo paid for in cash. [BD]
Link Posted: 4/13/2001 12:26:31 AM EDT
I used to do that alot. I remember going to this guys house that had an FFL near were I lived. He was selling 1440rd cases of 7.62x39 for like under a hundred bucks each. (About 9 years ago or so) So I was going to buy 3 cases of ammo for my new SKS. Well the guy had a Mak-90 for sale for like $250. I left with another rifle and no ammo. I did have enough left to buy 3-30 round mags though....

Link Posted: 4/13/2001 12:38:59 AM EDT
Oh yea, been also known to sell ammo to buy guns
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 11:57:41 AM EDT
Worse than that. I have bought magazines and spare parts before buying the weapon. It's a standing joke with my wife.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 12:03:13 PM EDT
2 days ago I went and bought 500rdns of 223 and when I was at the check out there was 2 50cal rnds there John gave me one now today I just went and ordered a AR50 I think he knew if he gave the rnd to me I would be back to by the gun to fire it. oh well Ive wanted a 50 for 2 years or so Gary
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 12:06:01 PM EDT
I went into a local gun store to look at shotguns and walked out with a Armalite M15A2 NM. Big difference in price.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 12:08:03 PM EDT
No, I buy guns to shoot and that takes ammo.  

I maintain ample supplies of ammo (never as much as you'd like) - new guns take the back seat.

You are better off with less guns that you can shoot really well through lot's of practice.  That takes AMMO!
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 12:30:34 PM EDT
Originally Posted By MDS:
Worse than that. I have bought magazines and spare parts before buying the weapon.
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I'm guilty of that as well!  I always buy ammo both before and after the purchase of a gun.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 1:28:23 PM EDT
I'm guilty of buying a gun and then another one before I even shot the first one.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 1:43:20 PM EDT
lol im guilty of having parts,mags,ammo,dies,scopes componants before having the gun also.

i always have ammo its just in componant form im just to lazy to reload all of it on one sitting
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 1:52:27 PM EDT
It takes half my money to have my fun.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 3:14:14 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/20/2001 3:14:14 PM EDT by LEADPOISON]
I thought I was the only one with that problem, thanks, I feel better.  I still believe that it is better to shoot the guns you have-- often, and to get proper training/instruction. Perfect practice makes perfect.  But how come all the great deals show up when you are "saving" up? [:\]
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 5:48:27 PM EDT
Oh man, am I ever guilty.
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 6:12:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 8:45:45 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 8:53:49 PM EDT
Just last weekend I was ready to order a k rounds of 308 for a rifle I don't even own yet, and a case of 223. After hearing so many people tell me to only get a few boxes of several types of 308 to test in the gun, I got pissed off and just bought a Beta C mag instead. ;^) Geez, I will have a 223 ammo shortage now for sure. :^(
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