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Posted: 9/2/2004 12:24:46 PM EDT
I've been working out regularly and riding 10 miles daily on my bike, but i still have about 10 or so lbs to lose, mostly "love handles" and gut.. it just won't go away.. any tips?
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Link Posted: 9/2/2004 6:41:16 PM EDT
Wish I could make myself do this stuff, but yeah I know HOW to dump weight.

1) Eat less than you burn (obvious)

2) Make your body do something it doesn't expect.

In other words, if you bike 10 miles daily your body has adjusted to that and can do it economically. You could probably do only 5 miles if you broke it up between 1 mile sprint, 1 easy. Also, doing your workout in the AM prior to eating forces the body to burn stored fat. Do it then, wait at least 30 minutes before eating.

3) Weight training. Muscle burns fat. Add more muscle.

Now if only my effing knee would let me jog or do anything cardio.
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 5:17:03 AM EDT
Its the diet dude. The exercises will make it look great, but it's the diet that makes it show.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 12:29:44 PM EDT
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To use an analogy: Exercise is the Spark and Diet is the Fuel.

I have been on a self-designed program for the last 4 weeks (just started my 5th week) and have lost 14 pounds - get this - I eat 6 times a day. But I eat the best fuel (for the most part lol) I can that way my body gets everything that it needs and then the exercise causes my body to adapt and change. I also exercise twice a day (generally speaking) - I do my cardio before breakfast and then do weight training after dinner (4th or 5th meal). I find and there is a bit of research to support that interval training is superior to steady rate training. A good way do intervals is a 3:1 ratio of rest to work -try getting your heart rate up to, but not above 60-65% of your max H.R. during the rest phase and then raise your heart rate up to 80-90% of your max H.R. during the work phase. Get your heart rate back down to the resting range prior to moving on to the work phase - this is harder then it may seem. Repeat the intervals 6 to 8 times for 20 - 35 minutes of training to begin with. Do not forget to warm-up and cool-down for 10 mins or so on either side of your training.

In your case, I would make sure to exercise (cardiovascular please, 60% + of Max Heart Rate) first thing - before you eat. Do not eat your first meal, if at all possible, until an hour after you finish exercising. Then make sure that your diet is "clean" - very low in "bad" fat (read saturated, etc...), and balanced between complex carbohydrates (unrefined grains - an example would be quick cooking oats versus old fashioned oats or white bread versus whole wheat bread, etc...) and quality protein (lean beef, lean pork, boneless skinless chicken boobs, fish, soy, egg whites/egg beaters, skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese, ground turkey breasts, protein powder, etc...). Vegtables and good old water fill up the rest of the space in your stomach.

Hope this helps.

Edited to add:
Remember to drink at least a 3 liters or a gallon of water at a minimum daily.
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