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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/20/2006 7:13:25 PM EST
This morning I'm out watering my back yard, my wife calls to me that a strange guy's walking to the door. I come inside to see him crossing the street leaving our house carrying two boxes.

So I go after him and tell him to drop the boxes. He does but runs! I get into my truck to chase him-I'm barefoot so I decided not to run after him. I dial 911 as he darts into a nearby condo complex. the cops come short handed I spend two hours barefoot standing on a cinderblock wall watching for him. In the mean time he breaks into a condo scaring the crap out of this woman she flees into a neighbors place.

while the cops are looking for him they see another shifty looking guy. Thinking that it must be his look-out the cuff him and find drugs on him ! it wasn't the guys day. just at the wrong place/time
and a pocketful of METH

then they find my perp hiding in the brush. Cuff him, My wife, the neighbor & I ID the perp
he's on parole and of course will end-up spending some time with bubba OH and hes an immigrant
but from ASIA not meheco!

so to round up the story two perps doin' time, dog lives, got another reason to apply for a ccw

oh and what was in one of the boxes a GRAM scale! {from one of the companies that I work for}
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