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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2001 7:06:11 PM EST
For years now citizens of the United states have been in a heated argument on the issue of whether or not people should be aloud to own firearms. Now politicians have passed laws which ferther restrict the law abiding citizens rights to protect themselves. As the hope for keeping the right to keep and bear arms continues to drop the United states gets closer and closer to a possible civil war! But A very evil forieghn power has been building up unnoticed and with the dispersion of U.S. political control at its hight disaster strikes! The war is fought hard and long but due to defense cuts by the left wingers the military is unable to hold out and eventually colapses. Even though the years of war have seriously depleated the enemy's ability to fight it still looks as if they are unopposed as they try to take finnal control of the american people and turn them into slaves. But in the last waning hours of America's existence there is hope that rests on the common men and women who dare to defend themselves. from the Producers of "the postman" and "invasion america". producer: John Q doe. assistant producer: John smith ect. ect. ect. well...... what do you think????
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:12:46 PM EST
Sounds weak, but that doesn't mean somebody won't steal your idea and make it into a movie.
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 8:11:55 PM EST
well, if anyone tells you its a shitty idea, they didnt see the thin red line, pearl harbor etc.. etc.. etc.. just get hot chicks and ill see it.
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 8:37:51 PM EST
sounds more like a documentary thell be making in 20 years
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