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Posted: 3/16/2005 9:10:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/16/2005 9:11:57 AM EST by torstin]
the atlanta and detroit threads were interesting. and it sounds as if the problem areas and decay of these cities, and perhaps most large metro areas, is increasing rapidly and exponentially. what struck me is how hopeless it probably is for most of the people living in those areas. born into a rundown neighborhood, with drugs, crime, no pressure to better themselves...it seems as if the problem is only going to get worse. until they hit third world status. the numbers increase, the blight spreads, and all the government can do is throw more money at the problem (as long as they have it) to keep from open mayhem in the streets.

i started thinking about what type of life skills these people are learning as they grow up and it seems hard to find any. compared to a rural or suburban environment, i have a tough time seeing a benefit to city life for the less than affluent. at least in the country you can own some land...and maybe someday it will be worth something, even if jsut for your children. cost of livein is cheap. lots of ways to learn self reliance as well. take a job as a farmhand or whatever. probbaly even be able to grow enough food to get buy on. and with any gov handouts, it would seem like a life of luxury compared to living in the inner city.

how many in these detroit and atlanta war zones are unemployed? wtf do they do all day? it seems hard to beleive they are all hanging out at the art museum or library.
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