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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 2/21/2001 7:03:41 AM EST
Here is a handy form that can be used for flaming...



[ ] asshole [ ] fag [ ] ignorant snot [ ] prick
[ ] nerd [ ] Elvis [ ] lonely masturbator [ ] computer geek
[ ] retard [ ] sycophant [ ] Samuel Stoddard

You are being flamed because

[ ] you continued a boring useless stupid thread
[ ] you repeatedly posted to the same thread that you just posted to
[ ] you posted a "test"
[ ] you used vi and left a whole bunch of editing garbage on the screen
[ ] you posted a request for an article which was posted three times
    in the past week
[ ] you claimed to have the original GGBJ
[ ] you posted some sort of religious crap that doesn't belong in this group
[ ] you posted an article that was not funny, unoriginal and very boring
[ ] your mother dresses you funny

    To recant, you must

[ ] actually post a humorous article
[ ] give up all your worldly possessions and become a Tibetan monk
[ ] hang yourself by the big toe for 72 hours
[ ] abstain from sex for a month (shouldn't be too hard for you)
[ ] shave your head, paint a target on it, and go to Iraq
[ ] give your Congressman a donation of three hemp plants to
    decorate his office
[ ] become politically correct and demand that manholes be renamed to
[ ] cut your balls (or breasts, if you're a woman) off
[ ] _________________________________________________

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this, and please detest from
the offending behaviour that led to this flame. Also, RUCK OFF!
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