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Posted: 9/8/2010 8:51:48 PM EDT
vodka here

please share poison and problems
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 8:52:44 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/8/2010 8:53:09 PM EDT by m00ler03]
nope, work tomorrow..

Thursday nights is my usual get drunk night..
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 8:57:03 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/8/2010 8:57:42 PM EDT by raven]
Yes, me, vodka.

I have been on an Atkins diet, but honestly jonesing for an alcohol buzz. Vodka is nothing but calories. No carbs or sugar like beer (which I usually drink).
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 8:57:18 PM EDT
what night is it?
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:00:49 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Thom101:
vodka here

please share poison and problems

Poison? First a bud, then a local microbrew's Pale Ale, then Porter.

Problems? Hate my job, got burned by my now-ex, and coming close to broke, while my Jeep's acting up. Can't find a new chick willing to date, me, either.

But hey, at least I have ARFCOM.

Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:01:01 PM EDT
Of course.
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:10:50 PM EDT
The Glenlivet
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:11:12 PM EDT
Buffalo Trace.

No problems, we're canning salsa with some friends of ours. Why not drink?
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:11:39 PM EDT
Famous Grouse.
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:11:47 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/8/2010 9:11:58 PM EDT by Znak]
I only drink beer on weeknights. Lots of it, but only beer. Corona tonight...
Link Posted: 9/8/2010 9:16:59 PM EDT
Jack and coke
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