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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/25/2001 6:14:57 PM EST
You stepped aside and are now just a member. So I will address this to you directly. First and explanation of what happened on MY end. I went into the chatroom and you seriously were going on a tirade about a NEW AR15.com. RBAD described it best...
Seriously. I used to be the first one to post borderline "Babe" pics until I spoke with Tim on the phone. He explained that his "vision" of the AR15.com site was to foster a close-knit community of conservative gun owners. Even though I don't have any kids yet, we really should encourage the young ones to get involved with our "cause".
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Information was sketchy and your rants were fast and furious. Others noted you fly off the handle, are sometimes FOS, etc. I took you at your word as a representative of the board and GB who was in fact announces to total reform. In accordance with this new order I deleted all posts YOUR Grandmother may object to. That pretty much took care of my post history. Felt pretty strange doing it, but I didn't want them used as examples of "what is wrong with AR15.com. I posted the "My apologies" post as an explanation of what happened to them. Otherwise YOU would have simply been blamed by the board. This was your opportunity to say "NO WAY. You are all screwed up on this. I was just drunk/crazy/an asshole last night. AR.15.com is really not changing in accordance with my new vision." Instead you defended your vision. You also deleted ALL replies to my post, inserted your own and locked it. Then when you got jumped on you unlocked it and acted like you expected a cookie for your good deed. And then you had the nerve to suggest "I" had an agenda. And here we are. We got a couple dozen guys who think you are and ahole and a couple dozen who think I'm a big crybaby. But please remember YOU created this situation. I simply looked at my situation and decided I couldn't win. So I got rid of anything that would offend you and noted that I would post FAR LESS in accordance with the new quidelines. It was only later that GB informed me that you spoke without authority. But it was a little late at that point. Now given that, what the hell don't you understand?
Link Posted: 10/25/2001 6:27:09 PM EST
The saga continues... Could this be settled via email? Just a suggestion.
Link Posted: 10/25/2001 6:29:34 PM EST
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