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Posted: 1/2/2004 10:48:49 AM EDT
What do you get when you cross a proctologist's customer's ailing organ with a blow horn and Bill Oreilly?

What do you call it when your neighbor can't tell if you ate ham or peanuts for dinner?

How many riblets does it take to make a full dozen?

If you add a doctor, a lawyer, and a politician to a a gaggle of geese, what would you wind up with?

People appreciate popular sentimism. What's the difference between it and regurgitated chili?

When symbolic chords are struck during a Hockey game, who stands up and cheers?

What's the difference between an obese proctologist and a slender woman?

How many terrorists actually believe in the teachings of Saari El Muhammed?

If a bottle of whiskey is the key to good health, what's the doorbell?

Why are poppy seeds illegal in four states?

When beer gets gassified, what percentage of its hops gets transformed into the moldy mildew sometimes called "Gastroentitmitus?"

True or False, the head and neck of a giraffe are the same length as its leg?

True or false, assholes contain microscopic amounts of unused Mammoipy?

What do you get when electricity combines with luminous cognizant pulses?

Are assholes born smelly or did they learn it?
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