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Posted: 9/6/2004 11:32:54 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2004 11:41:49 AM EDT by bulldog1967]
From a friend of mine:

"Just a note here.

No one can say that my brother doesn't speak his mind. And, he does it from his heart and without regard to consequence. In this case I would point out that last year, he spent two weeks in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, being hustled among Palestinian terrorist camps and from home to home in meetings with Arafat's people trying to determine if he could comfortably represent them as a PR rep in the States. The whole time was spent with people who resent the US's position on Israel, who knew that Carter supports the right of Israel to be a sovereign nation, who sometimes were threatening and at other times gracious and welcoming. But, he was never out of danger. He did that because he was asked to go and wanted to learn more about their position. So, he has first-hand experience. And, as important, he proves by his actions that he is not a hater of Muslims, as a people or religion.

Oh, I should also point out that he spent two weeks in Israel during the Gulf War volunteering to work in a Kibbutz (where scuds were landing) so that an Israeli soldier would be free to go stand on duty. He did that because he heard a request for volunteers from the Jewish community and he felt he should answer. Not because we're Jewish, but because he's a Christian.

In other words, you're not reading the observations of a casual observer who's making them from an armchair where he's kept his butt parked developing long- distance pontifications.

Obviously not everyone who reads this will agree with Carter and we all have the right to our opinions. Indeed, I might take a less aggressive position on this issue. But I thought you may want to keep in mind as you read his thoughts that, on this issue, he has put his safety where his mouth is in ways most of the rest of us have not. I'm very proud of him.

From my butt in my armchair,


The Chairman’s Report

Carter C.

September 6, 2004

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Islam. Islam. Islam. Islam. Islam. Today’s Islam is the single greatest threat to peace, freedom, and human life in the world today. And maybe even in its entire history. Not “radical Islam.” Not “hijacked Islam.” Not “Islam perverted by a handful of fanatics.” Today’s Islam. Period.

There, I’ve said it – and I’m glad I did. Because somebody has to. Either the Moslem world has to eschew the monsters who are wreaking such havoc in its name – or it has to sincerely question the basic tenants of a religion that would spawn such demon seed. There is no middle ground.

Anyone who doubts that need only ask the grieving parents of the little children slain in the latest Islamic assault upon its innocent victims. The bodies of those stripped, tortured, and slaughtered school children being carried from the carnage is enough to make any normal human sick. But it only excites the libido and wets the appetite of the venal – and, yes, venerated -- apostles of Islam.

John Kerry’s limp wrist, panty waist “Let’s fight a more sensitive war” notwithstanding, Islam is not – repeat not – the religion of love. Maybe the Koran is actually a masterpiece of make nice. And maybe Mohammed was the walking embodiment of warm and fuzzy. But today’s Islam – the Islam that brutally slaughters all who dare disagree with one jot or tittle of its abhorrent teachings – is most certainly no more the religion of love than its spiritual father is an angel of light.

Now, I can already hear the liberals whining about “bigotry,” “stereotyping,” and “sensitivity training.” Well, tell it to the Marines. And when you do, ask them how it feels to see crazed Moslems blow up buses full of innocent commuters – or gun down unarmed construction workers and hang their burned bodies from bridge abutments -- while so many of the Mullahs and the masses cheer them on.

The fact is, until the world’s billion-plus practicing Moslems take to the streets to openly and angrily condemn the crazoids among them, they bear the blame and deserve the shame for the Islamic slaughters in Russia, Iraq, Iran, the Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, New York City -- and everywhere else today’s Islam rears its savage, brutal, bloodthirsty head.

Let me be even more specific. As far as the average observer can tell (folks like you and me), there are only four types of Moslems in today’s world: terrorists, those who incite terrorists, those who condone terrorists -- and that little tiny minority who on the very rarest of outrageous occasions meekly pipe up in muted protest. That, part and parcel, warp and woof, heart and soul is the only Islamic “look of love” the vast majority of us ever see. And it makes us sick.

And so, we have to wonder, whose fault is that? Mine for noticing? Yours for, perhaps, agreeing? Or the silent majority of the world’s veiled, voiceless, peace-loving Moslems who won’t stand up and stop the slaughter?

I think we all know the answer to that one. But, just in case we don’t (and to silence the liberals whom I can already hear hissing “racist” – or whatever other term they have for those who insist upon telling inconvenient, incontrovertible truths), let me tell you a little story from my own personal experience …

In the 1930s, when Al Capone, Frank Nitti, and their band of bloody Italian terrorists threatened to rip the fabric of American society, they sent an emissary to see my immigrant grandfather, one Vincenzo Marciano of Washington’s Italian ghetto. The Black Hand’s hit man advised Granddad that he and his neighbors needed to set aside some of their hard-earned money each week to buy a little protection from the Americanos who were trying to take what they had.

Well, Granddad asked for a little time to talk with his neighbors. He did so. And when the putrid punk returned, he told him, “You are a disgrace to our people and to all who struggled to come to this wonderful land. Here is the message for you to take to your capos: If you ever come here again, we will mail you back in little pieces. And if they come seeking revenge, we will hang them from the lamp posts. Now, leave while you still can.”

In short, the only people who could truly fight Italian terrorism in the 1930s were the very people who did. And as the grandson of one who stood tall then, I don’t think it’s too much for me to ask the world’s Moslems to stand tall now. If they don’t, then, let’s start again at the top line -- until they get the bottom line: Today’s Islam is the single greatest threat to peace, freedom, and human life in the world today. And maybe even in its entire history.

Now, put that in your hubble bubble pipe and smoke it, Akbar. And call us back when your get a clear head. And heart.

The Laptop Lobbist
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 11:37:59 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2004 11:40:06 AM EDT by Leisure_Shoot]
Sounds good to me.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:48:16 PM EDT
I agree!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:55:29 PM EDT

I made a similar comment last week....that these folks ought to clean up the problem themselves.
If the "peace loving" muslims care about the way the terrorists are dragging down their religion, its time they show it. But, this topic has been beaten to death so hard that frankly, I am sick and tired of saying the same fkn thing over and over and over again.

These people will do the same thing they are doing until enough people are threatened by teir actions...and that is when life in the states gets interesting.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:00:09 PM EDT
Does the US have the BALLS to do the right thing? I am not seeing it.

PS. Right on to your brother!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:03:39 PM EDT
You had better believe that if a terrorist attack like the one Committed in Breslan was perpetrated by a Band of Christians then High profile leaders like Franklin Graham , Jerry Falwell ,Pat Robertson etc.
would have Condemned such an act.

I don't hear any thing in the Media from any Muslim Cleric.

I don't trust them.Not a one!!!

They're all in it together.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:58:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2004 7:07:05 PM EDT by Slv2fun]
I don't care what you say...

911 is a Islamic failure and Islam is irrelevant!

I know, I know...

-They have over 1 billion adhearants,
-The world's oil supply is in their hands
-They carried out an attack with those fearful flying bombs


I am not an expert, but I do study, I am well read, and I don't take Islam seriously...
In this day and age when every diatribe that has the word Islam is clouded with either fear, anger, or awe, I propose the following FACTS.

Islam is a closed religion. This is the main reason for it's irrelevance. In this world, what matters is economic progress. Military might is second in importance.

There is no country in the Islamic world, save for maybe Egypt, that is better off today than they were fifty years ago. In every Islamic country, the people are all worse off than they have ever been. What the Muslim leaders have been sucessful at is to direct this anger at the "evil, decadent west"... well whoopdee doo... unless the "decadent west" crumbles into a morass of self decay ...their arguement don't really hold water.

Comparing the Islamic countries to the western countries, the Muslims are wayyyy behind...so much so as to make catching up...well not impossible...but pretty hard to accomplish.

So their anger manifested itself into 911 and the World Trade Centers being destroyed...ya ya, tsk tsk tsk...it's terrible. But the important lesson to take away is that the exchanges, which support THE GLOBAL ECONOMY were back up and running within a week or less...they moved them...they moved the entire economic engine of the western world to New jersey...or whereever...but they moved them. THIS IS POWER!

Oh sure, you could listen to W and his "we're fighting a war against terrorists...and our troops..yada yada, our military..yada yada" Dude, get a clue, he's pulling your middle leg! and you'd do well to get a hold of your emotions.

The simple truth is every penny could either go to making butter, or bullets. The battlefield of tomorrow is the economic battlefield, not for square miles, but for intellectual capital. Sure, we could divert some to the military right now, but our success hinges on our future competitveness...our future ability to put a bottle of Coke in the hands of laboreres in the remorte India subcontinent or northwest Mongolia, not how accurate our missiles are (our missiles are accurate enough).

That ability, thankfully, is unaffected by terrorists. But that is truely what they despise. What the Bin Laden terrorists want, what the Taliban wants, and what the Ayatollahs want, but in a less zealous way, is the elimination of cultural transparacy. They are way behind the times, but they know it....they want the world progress to slow down to their speed...and they want a chance to cartch up.

...but they can't, they can't change...because their religious leaders use Islam to hold them back, just like Mao Tse Dong held his people back with Communism after the 1940's.

oh...and that oil they have, don't worry about it! What are they gonna do if we don't buy it? sell it to Europe? Hah hah! Europe is sucessful in moving away from foreign oil dependance. They use hybrids, they use Diesels. and they are closer to the supplies in Russia anyway.

That leaves US and China.

We use mideast oils not because because we need it, but as a strategic tool. If the Muslims closed off every oil pipeline, we can still get oil from Alaska, South America, and the oil sands in Canada...That's right, Canada has six times the oil reserves that Saudi has...it's just a little more expensive to get it out, but it's there...and safe from prying fingers.

The fact is that Islam is it's own worst enemy. Every Muslim country is worse off today than they were half a century ago, and they have nobody to blame but their own leaders for that. Going into this next century, Islam is being left behind. In order for them to resolve this...they have to do what they cannot do...open up, and change their thinking.
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