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Posted: 1/13/2005 12:15:31 PM EDT
......(also) NO, not of a time I drew down in a parking lot or car wash, but......

Whataburger drive thru :   For those of you who are lucky enough to have these restaurants (as they are regional) you know what I'm talking about.....its a franchise burger establishment.  And the Best

Anyway, I was going thru the drive thru the other day and noticed a shadowy figure hangin out near the Menu/Speaker Box intercom where you place your order.  It was night time.....dark and I was the only one in the car and in the drive thru.  I'm CCW and have something nearby.  As I drove up to the Menu/Intercom, I notice that its an older looking fellow.  Before I was prompted for my order he made it over towards my truck (not on top of me or overbearing) and mumbled out something about "all he needs is .27 cents to get a .99 cent burger across the street at Jack in the Box".   As I train my eyes on him he's not your normal street person and obviously had some (head) issues.  But what took me back the most was that he was (or at least appeared to be) around 70 years old.   Creaky, slow, elderly in his manner, movement and voice.  When the blairing "Can I take your order" finally hit me I found myself deeply saddened at the sight of this old guy.  I informed him that I would help him out to get him a burger.  He was pretty thankful and offering the change that he had to pay for part of it.  I placed my order and added another meal deal (burger/fry/drink) to the tab and super sized it for him.  I told him to meet me on the other side of the restaurant before I drove up to the window.   After paying , I drove forward and met up with him....gave him his food and dumped the change in my ashtray into his bag (no, there were no ashes).  

I don't normally do handouts to "residentially challenged" folk except sometimes around Xmas (but thats another story).  But this old guy was at least 70, ragged as hell, toothless and probably multiple other issues.  I drove away from there wondering how or what his family knew or doing about him.  My guess was he had some mental issues to boot.  No telling.   No rant or negativity meant here just wondering why the hell and old timer was just left wandering around like bum.  Made me really thankful for what I have.
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