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Posted: 11/26/2001 5:57:13 AM EDT
[img]web-comm.com/ar15/ar15virus.jpg[/img] Hmmm.... There sure are alot of evil virus writing weenies out there. [url]www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=72684&page=1[/url] Of course this offers me the opportunity to give "Team AR15.com" membership a plug ! [:D] We maintain a dedicated Declude (tm) Anti-Virus Gateway System which scans ALL inbound and outbound mail for suspect content. (I update the F-Prot and Sophos virus signature files daily) So... AR15.com E-mail accounts should be protected. Regardless of the protection that we provide, it is still VERY important to have and use a good quality anti-virus application on your computer. (I have a personal affinity for Norton Anti-Virus for Win95/98/ME and Win2k Professional and WindowsXP -- Sophos and F-Prot are great for NT and Win2k Server) [b] AR15.com E-Mail Benefits: -------------------------------------------------------- - Cool YourName@AR15.com e-mail address! -------------------------------------------------------- - Full featured POP3/SMTP mail server with SMTP authentication for outbound mail. (allows you to use Outlook Express or any other pop3 mail client to receive AND send mail) -------------------------------------------------------- - WebMail access to your e-mail from ANY computer with a web browser ! (you can use Webmail as your sole method of accessing your e-mail or you can use it in conjunction with pop3 mail... ie: read mail when you are at work or on the road) Have you ever been on the road or traveling and needed access to your e-mail? Problem SOLVED ! -------------------------------------------------------- - Speed and reliability: Our mail servers sit on a high speed dedicated connection with redundancy. -------------------------------------------------------- - Secure and private ! : Tired of your boss reading your e-mail?? By utilizing the WebMail interface, you can access your mail account WITHOUT your employer monitoring your actions. (we are currently setting up an alternate domain just for this purpose: www.AR15Mail.com) In addition, all mail is encrypted on the server and you can choose to access WebMail via SSL. -------------------------------------------------------- - VIRUS SCANNING !! ALL inbound and outbound mail is checked for potential virus/worm content. If suspect content is found, the mail is quarantined on the server and warning messages are sent to both the sender and the recipient. -------------------------------------------------------- Another GREAT reason to cough up the $60 buck membership contribution to help cover some of the Avila's costs! [:D] [/b]
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