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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/27/2003 10:18:51 AM EST
[b]The Truth Men Fear[/b] by Jonathan Allen Cummings ---------------------------------- Few dare to admit when it's time to abandon peaceful discourse at the ballot box in exchange for the cartridge box, even when every other possibility has ostensibly been exhausted. But why? There are three reasons: Paleoconservatives fervently believe that they have "The Truth" on their side. Therefore, they think it is only a matter of time before their adversaries will see the light and yield the right of way. But in the end, it is not just the truth that defeats tyranny and wins the battles for the heart and soul of a nation; rather, it is the willingness, the determination and the collective strength of a people loyal to a cause, which is based in the truth, that prevails. Yet, history has been mired with the corpses of countless victims who mistakenly relied on their good intentions to achieve cultural sovereignty without employing the vigorous use of arms. Even when the abuse and suffering has spanned several generations, most have seemed reluctant to accept the fact, that, those who are blinded by sin do not possess the common sense needed to differentiate between right and wrong. It is only when the price of being nobly passive far exceeds the cost of implementing aggressive force when the downtrodden finally consider a call to action. By then, though, it is much more expensive then most would hazard to guess. Notwithstanding, conservatives have understood what it means to maintain peace through strength. The problem arose when they failed to prevent leftist saboteurs from tampering with the proverbial line drawn in the sand. Instead of standing firm, they have repeatedly given in to the winds of compromise; and with the passage of time, it has become increasingly difficult for even our most astute thinkers to locate the original mark. As a result, conservatives have learned to tolerate the redefinition of terms according to an ungodly majoritarian consensus which is being bolstered by the redistribution of the wealth. In contrast, the Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to be an insurance policy against all sorts of tyranny, none of which included delegating the interpretation of a fundamental right to government referees. Unfortunately, the bad guys have beaten the good guys to the punch; and whenever they could pull a fast one, they have gotten away with blaming those they hit below the belt for not getting out of the way. In short, when paleoconservatives cry foul, liberals and their neoconservative cousins just change the rules of the game. In essence, then, despots and charlatans carry a big stick they have not been afraid to use. This explains, in part, why rampant crime, licentiousness, corruption, infidelity, lusts of the flesh, materialism, same sex marriages, abortion, mandatory charity, feminism, multiculturalism, illegal immigration, progressive taxation and even compulsory education, to name just a few societal afflictions which are blessed by the state, continue to proliferate. To make matters worse, trendy Christians have been compromising their principles for so long they have lost sight of their religious heritage. Many have also been duped into thinking it is quite reasonable to adopt a secular form of righteousness in exchange for the "antiquated" and "abstract" complexities outlined in the Bible. Little do they know, however, that they have been participating in the glorification of dirt; which is to say, the epitome of rebelliousness towards God and the quickest path to ruin. In fact, the steady erosion of Colonial values has made us accessories to the very evils we are duty-bound to hate. The solution, therefore, lies in one's capacity to accept reality for what it is, rather than what they wish it to be; Although many like to complain bitterly, and go through the motions of instituting changes within the confines of a system which has been transformed into a secular arbiter of laws, being somewhat comfortable and fat causes an apathetic majority to lack the desire to do what needs to be done. Frankly, there is an appalling level of toleration shared by conservatives, even when their most sacred principles have been compromised or violated; and this dreadful situation exists because far too many have actually found contentment within the status quo. To put it succinctly, ordinary selfishness and narrow-mindedness, as old as civilization itself, has had as much of an impact on conservatives as it has to liberals; Coming to grips with the worst case scenario, which involves an armed insurrection, means that there is no turning back once that threshold is crossed. As a result, many fear losing what little freedom they have because they have rationalized that their current pitiful condition is preferable to fighting for what has been lost or is about to be seized. This is besides the fact that genuine liberty comes directly from maintaining God's Law (i.e. the Ten Commandments), not manmade imitations. So in effect, an alarming number of our Founding Fathers descendants have accepted the faulty notion, that, the government's definition of liberty has a greater value than the legitimate authority traditionally inspired by the Word of God. Thus, each time the establishment takes something away, the morally inept ignore what has been confiscated by staying focused on what they still have, even though what remains is counterfeit, mundane or utterly worthless. Worse still, cultural saboteurs have managed to convolute the meaning of righteousness into a New Age utilitarian perspective, which is to say, man ultimately decides what is right and wrong, not God. The net effect of this deception, regrettably, has helped constitute a pretentious disposition of endearment among the masses for things which are neither virtuous or honorable. Nevertheless, this explains why it is useless to pretend that the hearts and souls of a nation can be won over by confronting Goliath with anything less than what God has determined takes to succeed. Given these circumstances, there is nothing to be gained by tossing what amounts to token gestures at a managerial class which has been commandeered by ignorant swine; neither will we convince the multitudes who have become dependent on the "freedom" to indulge in the immorality the state protects to surrender what they now assume are inalienable rights. Yes, we have to adopt an alternative plan, a plan that every able-bodied patriot knows in his gut is unavoidable. In all honesty, we are the last remnants of God's people who share the same fiery spirit that guided our forefathers; and like them, we too must find the courage and fortitude to live free or die. Because we alone acknowledge the fact that America was founded by Christians, was nurtured by Christians, and was meant to be the world's last sanctuary for Christians, we must act to take this country back, lest we grovel in the bondage of our own cowardice. In retrospect, it was never the intention of the Framers to create a safe-haven for heathens, agnostics, or multicultural proselytizers worshipping at the altar of moral relativism. No, it was their intention to create a society reflective of and obedient to, the teachings of Christ Jesus, not the Greek's mythological gods, the god of the Aztecs, or the Moslems. [cont]
Link Posted: 5/27/2003 10:19:23 AM EST
If you recall, early on Thomas Jefferson declared: "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion." Translated: it was their duty then, just as it is ours today, to use force to insure the preservation of the original culture if and when it has deviated from its prescribed tenets. Unlike the failed governing arrangements devised by countless others, America's architects chose to model a unique constitutional republic, meaning a system built upon the rule of law which affirmed God as sovereign. In so doing, they constructed a system around a single culture which took into account man's fallen nature, and this led to instituting the checks and balances needed to safeguard against the ever changing moods of popular opinion. Yet, one need only study the steady degenerative progressions of the Soviet Union and China to get a sense of where we're headed; and although our leaders refer to themselves as anything but the arrogant charlatans they really are, we know the utilitarian ethic which guides them is no different than the thinking espoused by Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin. In fact, ideologically speaking, there is no substantive difference. Granted, their methods may vary somewhat, but their objectives are technically one in the same. So, here we are, 131 years since the wrong side won the Civil War; and alas, our nation has been overrun by sniveling dependents and shrewd carpetbaggers feeding off of each other. Like maggots gnawing away at an apple's core without regard of consuming the seeds, they defile liberty and leave a trail of destruction that makes it impossible to bring forth new fruit. When George Washington gave his farewell address he offered this observation: "It is substantially true, that virtue or morality is the necessary spring of popular government." Yet, today we are told that things other than social issues matter most; which explains, in part, how the Money Man mentality that presently dominates our culture was able to assert itself above the laws of God. Perhaps Alan Keyes said it best when he warned: "We can no longer follow leaders for whom the moral challenge facing this nation is an afterthought.... Politicians unwilling to confront the killing spirit of our times declare their moral cowardice and forfeit the right to lead." Another great statesman, Andrew Jackson, wrote: "In a free government he demand for moral qualities should be made superior to that of talents". But try telling that to the Wall Street jackals and their Washington puppets who are elated about redistributing the wealth mostly among themselves. Like cancer in the blood, it's absurd to believe that the disease will somehow cure itself; nor should anyone with even a remote idea about right and wrong be satisfied while waiting endlessly for the unattainable. Hence, today's patriots must do what needs to be done because they are bonded to a higher set of ideals: one nation under God and one culture over man. Moreover, we cannot afford to close our eyes to the fact that our country has degenerated beyond repair when we are expected to drink poison to quench our thirst for righteousness. No, corrective surgery will not restore a missing arm or a leg; instead, the time has arrived for a complete overhaul beginning with the head. The question is: how much does freedom mean to you? Bear in mind, the Book of Mark states that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. So do not think for a moment that genuine freedom comes without paying a price; nor will the temptation to neglect our duties be easy to overcome. We just have to hope that God grants us the wisdom and the courage to purge tyranny from our shores before we drown in disgrace like the people who ignored Noah. But because most folks prefer not to accept unpleasant realities, regardless of how corrupt the conditions in America have become, the path towards prosperity will be long and arduous. Even so, we have already seen countless examples of failing to get satisfaction by way of either peaceful protest or petitioning of grievances. You must ask yourself: can anyone honestly be a patriot or a defender of freedom while allowing the unborn to be killed? In truth, they can't; but if you are willing to accept the responsibility of upholding the sanctity of life entrusted to us by God, then we really have no other choice but to go on the offensive. Indeed, Christians are drastically out-numbered, out-financed and out-gunned, but when has God's people ever needed the most of anything in order to defeat the vanguards of sin? Never! So be careful not to make the mistake of embracing the strategy of liars who depend on your pacifism to maintain their stranglehold. Rest assured, though, doing nothing to stop the advance of evil is the same as giving it your blessing. May we, therefore, find strength in the words of Charles Montesquieu, the one man who influenced our Founding Fathers perhaps more than any other: "When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils, but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." You may not fully understand the significance or the ramifications of applying what is normally unthinkable, even in a dire situation, but the massacre at Waco should have been a definite wake-up call. If not, you are most likely part of the problem, not the solution. So get prepared. Those who insist on talking their way out of exercising their responsibility to God and country are helping to destroy everything our Founding Fathers fought to establish. The choice is simple: you either do battle with the enemy on his terms (which most assuredly brings about defeat); or you take advantage of launching an organized assault under the auspices of surprise. Least of which, one must first possess the initiative to cut the cord with the lords of imagery; and that can only happen when we stop running from the truth and face tyranny head on. This is the truth: The war of words is over except in the minds of the naive and the spiritually dead. For the love of God, we must end this romantic attachment to the false spirit of self-righteous pacifism which has taken the place of rational thinking. Like the concubine who eventually learns to love her brutal master, much of the body politic has been conditioned to get satisfaction while being molested. God bless the patriot, for without these men and women, America will be no more. Jonathan Allen Cummings
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