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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/13/2002 1:13:07 PM EST
With all the attention paid to the domestic war on terrorism and the dangers it poses to our liberties — the PATRIOT Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the TIPS program, and so forth — scant notice has been given to the United Nations’ international anti-terrorism campaign. Yet below the American public’s radar screen, the UN Security Council’s new Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) is trying to achieve on an international scale what measures like the PATRIOT Act are doing domestically: expand the reach and power of government — in this case, the UN’s embryonic world government — in the name of fighting terrorism. And the potential consequences for U.S. liberty are dire indeed. The Counter-Terrorism Committee was created by paragraph six of Security Council Resolution 1373, issued last September 28th in response to the September 11th attacks. The purpose of the CTC, in the words of 1373, is to "monitor implementation of this resolution." To allow the CTC to carry out this monitoring, UN member states are required to submit regular compliance reports to the CTC. The first round of such reports came in to the CTC from December 2001 through the early months of 2002 and, as we reported in the February 25th issue of The New American, the U.S. government was one of the first member states to submit its report on U.S. compliance with the Security Council’s new anti-terrorism guidelines. The U.S. report, dated December 19th, depicted the USA PATRIOT Act and other post 9-11 Bush initiatives as acts of compliance with UN demands in Resolution 1373... Continued (Good, Short Read) [url]http://www.getusout.org/un/articles/reporting_to_un.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 1:46:44 PM EST
Remember one of the towns in this country, can't remember which, I think it was Utah? This town put up signs saying that their town is a U.N. free zone. The gov't got pissed told them to take down the signs and that what they are doing is illegal. Anyone remember that? Got a link to it?
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 1:51:09 PM EST
La Verkin, Utah
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