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Posted: 9/11/2001 11:37:05 AM EDT
ALERT FROM JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP September 11, 2001 ALERT: Now Is The Time for Americans to Defend America Everybody in America now knows that on Tuesday, September 11, three aircraft were crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These crashes appeared timed and were part of a planned terrorist action. The death toll will likely exceed that caused by the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that started World War II. This coordinated attack was an act of war. Some years ago Israel bombed a nuclear plant in Iraq. World opinion largely condemned Israel's actions, but Israel warned that if the world does not get rid of Iraq's terror threat, then that threat will get worse. Welcome to worse. We don't now know whether the terrorist attack on the U.S. came from Iraq. We don't know whether more attacks will come, or how or where. We know that terrorists have repeatedly promised to attack U.S. population centers, and that: 1. The World Trade Center was undefended against any air attack. 2. The Pentagon was undefended against unexpected air attack. 3. The airliners carried nothing but unarmed and undefended people. The common factor: "undefended." What renders Americans undefended? The idea that "we don't need to defend ourselves" -- the culture of disarmament -- delivered to the terrorists many thousands of potential aircraft full of people who had *no* means to stop an onboard terrorist. Even the pilots and crew were federally guaranteed to be unable to resist hijackers by force. What rendered the Pentagon, an obvious military target, undefended? The belief that it didn't need defending against air attack. The people inside were victims of government decisions not to provide defense against relatively easy attacks from the air. All of the air attack victims are victims of government decisions not to expose, disrupt or wipe out aggressors who have announced their intentions to attack America. As a nation, we have put all of our safety eggs into the basket of government and military. That's a mistake. You will soon hear proposals to impose "heightened domestic security." Some will call for martial law. Many more will urge complete disarmament of Americans, "just to make sure" that the terrorist threat is reduced. We can expect to hear calls to curtail citizens' rights because of the threat. We will hear "this event changes our ideas about how free a free society can be." Wrong. Now is the time to *defend* a free society, not destroy it in fear. Now is the time to *protect our civilization*, not to collapse it because of acts of war. Now is the time, not to disarm ourselves and resign to government protection, but to arm Americans against terrorist attacks. More Americans have to take active part in defending our nation, our communities, our families, ourselves. America must again become the nation with whom no one tangles --because our citizens are armed and determined to fight aggression to the death. Terrorists must learn: Americans don't get terrorized -- Americans get prepared to fight back. The Liberty Crew JPFO
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Link Posted: 9/11/2001 11:38:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/11/2001 12:00:27 PM EDT
It is just too early in the game to place blame. When Tim McVey blew up the Muriah Bldg in OKC, the news media was positive it was Middle East terrorism, we just don't know. When Clinton found out that some folks tried to assisinate Bush Sr. some folks were on the receiving end of some 500lb bombs. One of those could ruin your whole day, not to mention the next at least.
Link Posted: 9/11/2001 12:06:00 PM EDT
Not a flame here, but how, as citizens, could we have helped defend anything in this situation? Obviously I'm all for personal freedoms and the RKBA, but how could that have helped? Realistically, how many of us, being able to be armed on a plane, would be able to take the shot that drops the Tango, but doesn't de-pressurize the plane? The airspace over the Pentagon is restricted, you can't stop a Kamikaze. As far as airport security, it's a joke. The security personnel are getting paid very little. I'm not saying they were bribed, but a few grand in the right place is more than they make in a long time. I just went through CUSTOMS twice last month and could have brought just about anything on board. Yes we need defense, but grass roots defense is not the answer to this situation. Let's not fight from within. Let's choose our own battle later, let's back the gov't and the military against the bleeding hearts who will want to "talk this one out".
Link Posted: 9/11/2001 1:18:06 PM EDT
Depressurize the airplane? Pressurization doesn't even start to kick in until 4,000 + feet. The little holes a few dozen bullets would make are insignificant. The windows are mostly plastic. The grand blowout you might see in TV just won't happen in real life. Every crewmwmber should be armed on every flight. Norm
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