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Posted: 4/22/2001 11:44:47 PM EST
I read the "ballistic test" the one with the cats.. I think that it was not the right thing to do along with the rest of you.. I think that he is a fake .. if not a sick F$@$. But this is what came about for me... I as at work and had a fellow co worker ask me if I like cats.. I said yes. and he then said never mind. I asked him why he asked. He then started to tell me how bad off his cat is. It tuns out that the cat had a cancer for cats.. Terminal and he had all ready spent lots on it. Well the cat had not eaten for 5 days and was on it's last leg. and he could not handle putting down his own pet. I told him if he needed to I would. I did and barried the cat. I felt bad because the poor thing did not have enough energy to even move. I do not think that it is wrong to do this. even though back in the day it would not have affected me. But the years have gotten to me I guess because It was harder than when I was a kid and had to put my dog down because he was killing chickens.. My Question is do you think that it is morally wrong to put down a pet your self instead of having a vet do it? There was no cruel test or disrespect done to the pet...
Link Posted: 4/22/2001 11:54:11 PM EST
Sounds to me like you handled it in a mature and responsible manner. Those who have pets know how devastating their loss can be. You say it 'affected' you some. I say that's a good thing. And you helped out a friend when he needed it in a difficult situation. From what you have written, it seems that you have been a sensitive and caring friend, who had the guts to do a difficult thing. The only thing negative I can think of, is that it may have been against the law in your locale to do this. But then some laws are just plain stupid.
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