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Posted: 7/24/2002 7:26:29 AM EDT
This is a question for the experienced GURPS players out there.[:E] I know that a few of you out there are role-playing geeks like me, and I was curious. Given that the M-16A2 has the stats below, what do you think the GURPS stats for the various "Mongo" calibers offered by Tromix, Alexander, and other manufacturers would be, like .458 Corbon, or .50 Beowulf? Keep in mind that for calibers between .40 and .60, penetrating damage is x1.5. Weapon Malf Damage SS Acc 1/2D Max Wt. AWt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Costs M16A2, 5.56x45mm crit. 5d 12 11 500 3,800 9 1 3~¤ 30+1 9 -1 $600
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 7:54:51 AM EDT
GURPS?!? Shit man, you [b]ARE[/b] a geek... [:D] the_reject
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 8:10:34 AM EDT
Originally Posted By the_reject: GURPS?!? Shit man, you [b]ARE[/b] a geek... [:D] the_reject
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Excerpted from the Spearweasel Online FAQ: [b]What are you, some kind of geek?[/b] [i]Oh I am definitely very much a geek. But unlike your run-of the-mill geeks, I am a Stealth Geek. You wouldn't know I was a geek if you saw me on the street. I dress normally, I bathe frequently, brush my teeth, go on dates with intelligent, attractive women, and all the sorts of things that Mundanes do. But make no mistake, I am a geek. Once you get to know me, there's no hiding it.[/i] [img]http://www.spearweasel.com/images/xspecs.jpg[/img] Spearweasel's Driver's License Photo So... how about those gun stats, hey?
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