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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/28/2001 9:28:32 PM EST
WARNING: THOSE WHO HAVE A PIT BULL BIAS NEED NOT READ ANY FURTHER. OK, this isn't my first puppy, I've got a bitch dog now, and I've raised a few more, but I always forget the little stuff once they're full grown. And what with all the dog lovers here, I figured I could get some decent advice. I recently got another pit bull puppy, and I've got a few stupid questions I could use some advice on. The problems I'm dealing with aren't new to puppies. I'm going in the right direction as far as housebreaking, but am more concerned with obediance training. Let me begin by saying that he's 8 weeks old, and that I've had him for a week. I'm used to leash training dogs, but it's been awhile. My main problem is that when I put the leash on him, he won't move. He just stands there. But only when outside. If he's inside, he'll run around with it and chew on it. Outside (which is important since I'm housebreaking him), he just sits there and looks at me and whines. My question is, am I trying to early with the obediance training? And either way, what should I do to get him used to the leash? Drag him till he's used to it? All of the other dogs have gotten used to the leash fairly quick, this is my first dog that hasn't. Anyway, any helpfull advice would be appreciated. Thanks in adavance!
Link Posted: 9/28/2001 10:01:48 PM EST
I have known just two pit bulls but they were both the sweetest tempered dogs. You can never start training too young, the key is just to make it a totally positive experience. Is the puppy food motivated? If so you've already won. Have the puppy wear the leash and hold the treat in front of his nose. As he moves toward it, move it away and have him follow. When he does this say "walk" and give him the treat. Keep doing this and slowly extend how far he has to walk to get the treat. Never pull the dog by the leash because dogs will automatically resist (instinct) and it will make training much harder. You want to keep lessons as positive and happy as can be. Once the puppy learns what you expect and can demonstrate that, you can then start holding him accountable for his actions and give him a quick leash correction. Never maintain tension on a leash for any lenght of time or you will create a dog that likes to pull at the end of a taut leash. As he learns walk, hold the treat in your left hand right in front of your knee and have him walk in heel. Keep his front shoulder at your leg and give him lots of treats and praise. Remember, only use corrections once you are sure the dog understands what you are asking it to do. If your dog doesn't like food, that makes it harder but it is still doable, just find a toy or anything that it likes to motivate it. Good luck and there is a lot of info out there. Here is a link I like: [url]www.ddc.com/petplace/dogtraining/welcome.html[/url]
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 2:30:11 PM EST
maybe he doesn't want to?????????
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