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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 5/20/2005 5:38:49 PM EST

Section 161 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2201) is amended by adding at the end the following subsection:

`z.(1) notwithstanding section 922(a)(4) and (o) of title 18, United States Code, or any similar provision of any State law or any similar rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision of a State prohibiting the transfer or possession of a handgun, a rifle or shotgun, a short-barreled shotgun, a short-barreled rifle, a machinegun, a semiautomatic assault weapon , ammunition for the foregoing, or a large capacity ammunition feeding device, authorize security personnel of licensees and certificate holders of the Commission (including employees of contractors of licensees and certificate holders) to receive, possess, transport, import, and use 1 or more of those weapons, ammunition, or devices, if the Commission determines that--

`(A) such authorization is necessary to the discharge of the security personnel's official duties; and

`(B) the security personnel--

`(i) are not otherwise prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm under Federal or State laws pertaining to possession of firearms by certain categories of persons;

`(ii) have successfully completed requirements established through guidelines implementing this subsection for training in use of firearms and tactical maneuvers;

`(iii) are engaged in the protection of--

`(I) facilities owned or operated by a Commission licensee or certificate holder that are designated by the Commission; or

`(II) radioactive material or other property owned or possessed by a person that is a licensee or certificate holder of the Commission, or that is being transported to or from a facility owned or operated by such a licensee or certificate holder, and that has been determined by the Commission to be of significance to the common defense and security or public health and safety; and

`(iv) are discharging their official duties.

`(2) Such receipt, possession, transportation, importation, or use shall be subject to--

`(A) chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, except for section 922(a)(4) and (o);

`(B) chapter 53 of title 26, United States Code, except for section 5844; and

`(C) a background check by the Attorney General, based on fingerprints and including a check of the system established under section 103(b) of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (18 U.S.C. 922 note) to determine whether the person applying for the authority is prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm under Federal or State law.

`(3) This subsection shall become effective upon the issuance of guidelines by the Commission, with the approval of the Attorney General, to govern the implementation of this subsection.

`(4) In this subsection, the terms `handgun', `rifle', `shotgun', `firearm', `ammunition', `machinegun', `semiautomatic assault weapon' , `large capacity ammunition feeding device', `short-barreled shotgun', and `short-barreled rifle' shall have the meanings given those terms in section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code.'.


Section 229 a. of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2278a(a)) is amended in the first sentence by inserting `or subject to the licensing authority of the Commission or to certification by the Commission under this Act or any other Act' before the period at the end.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 5:42:53 PM EST
Sort of wish some house Republican would tack on an amendment that kills the 86 MG ban.

Link Posted: 5/20/2005 5:44:30 PM EST
And that would be related to the energy bill how?

Link Posted: 5/20/2005 5:45:14 PM EST

Originally Posted By CRC:
And that would be related to the energy bill how?

Takes alot of energy to keep a machine gun steady during FA use.....
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 5:48:38 PM EST

Originally Posted By CRC:
And that would be related to the energy bill how?

I could be wrong but I think that sometimes admendments get tack on to bills that don't relate to that admendment at all.
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