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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/27/2002 9:54:03 PM EST
I am 27 years old soon to be 28 (less then ten days) I am interested in joining the reserves or guard. I am not interested in full at this time as I am happy with my civilian career ( Law enforcement ) My question is what branch of service would you pick and why? I am interested in all the high speed training I can get. What branch is the easiest to get training slots and which consider it a waste to use them on part timers. I have always wanted to serve but had other responsibilities to deal with. Now I think is the right time in my life and it wont hurt my civilian career in the least bit my dept has a hard on for the military. So what would you do and why? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 5:36:00 AM EST
You'll need to check out what kind of units are in your state. And if its "high speed" infantry or other combat arms then go with that. I believe that most combat arms units in the guard perform traditional roles, i.e. Combat Engineers, Arty etc and your best bet is to go with Infantry, there may be Pathfinder, LRSD etc...check with your local recruiter.
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 5:45:36 AM EST
You really didn't specify exactly what kind of "high speed" training your looking for. I am in the USAF's Security Forces field which assumes law enforcement duties, security, and air base defense. Our carrier field plays a pretty big roll in the Air Force above what I previous mentioned. You can branch off and become a gunsmith, weapons instructor/maintainer, K-9, etc... Going Guard pays in some ways as all the funding comes from the state. A lot of TDY guardsmen that have come though have had opportunities to go through counter sniper school, ranger school, airborne school as well as air assault school. Many Squadrons also have HRCT (Hostage Rescue Counter Terrorism) teams as well. I can inform you further if your interested off-line.
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 6:20:27 AM EST
Agree heartily with JustDSM...AF Security Forces do have a lot of stuff available to them...only question would be if that type of unit is around where you are...good luck....
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 10:01:52 PM EST
First off thank you for your replies. The air force suggestion makes sense I live next to OFFUTT AFB Omaha Ne. And there is a bunch of air national guard posts in the area. But here is the thing and I am not trying to offend anyone. But of the prior service members that I have talked to most to all have commented that the air force is ummmm..... A little on the Lax side. Not my style but if I can get the training that I want then I am all for it. I am looking for Anti-Terrorist,Sniper-Counter sniper,EOD, Training that would be useful for my hopes and dreams of making my departments S.W.A.T team. With those goals in mind what would be your suggestion?
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 10:39:05 PM EST
Read what Treefrog449 has to say - it all depends on the type of units in your area. Figure out where they are, visit them, ask questions. Be warned, though that reserve and National Guard are two separate entities and often compete for recruits. They will likely not know or be willing to give you the poop on their competing unit's and options.Many a poor young lad has been suckered into joining a reserve unit becuase he never new the National Guard unit down the street had better things to offer. National Guard recruiters (Army and Air Force) usually work out of their respective Armories. Reserve recruiters hang around in regular Recruiting stations.
Link Posted: 6/30/2002 2:59:55 AM EST
destructive: I can agree whole heartedly about the comments you've heard around town. Quite honestly in the Security Forces field its what you make it. The more your motivation shows, the further you'll go. In this career field you can get some serious training. Many good schools are available for attending pending slots are available. There is a flip side however. I'm sure even your department or any other department is similar. Your always going to have some slack ass individuals that do not take what they do seriously. To be honest, this branch of service is likely to have more of those type of people than either the Army or Marines. If your a family man you may be able to take advantage of the "easy" Air Force. I have a very needy wife and it would be difficult being deployed 120 days a year every year. Its hard enough doing 90. But that's personal stuff.. If your interested in the military and wanting specialized LEO training, Security Forces *CAN* provide the training your looking for. EOD is a separate field however. I'm jealous of them boys.. They get Barrett .50cal to dispose of suspicious packages. Good luck in your decisions.
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