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Posted: 9/28/2001 1:33:41 PM EDT
[url]www.pro-resources.net/Medical/anthrax4.htm [/url] ANTHRAX Control Isolation: When handling infected humans or animals wear: Kitchen Gloves, Poncho, Mask, and Eye Protection Decontamination: Wash or Spray all contaminated objects with: 0.5% Bleach. Food CANNOT be decontaminated! To decontaminate drinking water using: USP Iodine Crystals --Saturated Solution Add 8 grams of Iodine crystals to a 2 ounce clear glass bottle with a bake-lite cap. NO Plastic! Fill with water and shake vigorously for several minutes, then let settle. Without disturbing the sediment, withdraw 6 teaspoons (30cc) of the saturated solution and add to a quart of tepid water. Let stand for at least 60 min. To make more of the saturated solution "batch", just add water to the sediment in the two-ounce bottle and shake. Remember: When there is no more sediment —start another "batch". Contamination Prevention: Eat only sealed foods. Drink only sealed water. Avoid air conditioning. Avoid crowds. Wear a face mask. Wear kitchen gloves. Wear a poncho. Wear boots. Think Disposal: Human or Animal Do NOT burn carcasses—bury them with quick lime. The fire will burst the lungs of the carcass and spread the spores. Sanitation: [b]Anthrax spores will survive for years.[/b] However, re-aerosolization by movement of vehicles or humans is very unlikely. Rigid "cleanliness" must be enforced!
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