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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/29/2001 4:20:47 PM EST
I have $2,000 to buy any weapon a non-class III, under 21yr old, non-LEO can buy. What would you do?
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:27:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/29/2001 4:24:59 PM EST by AR-SNIPER-15]
Springfield M1A,Armalite or Bushy AR15 [sniper]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:28:44 PM EST
Well, what do you have already? I've got 3 postban AR15s and an AR10, I'd either get another custom AR15 upper as well as a custom AR10 upper or I'd look to further expand my collection. Since I've already got an AR10 and own a couple AR10 mags that came from the legal Armalite AR10/M14 magazine conversion kits, I could buy an M1A and already have magazines for it. If I wasn't stuck in Commiefornia then I might look into getting a preban AR15. Since I AM stuck in Commiefornia, most of my future plans revolve around custom AR uppers, accesories, or long range bolt actions.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:31:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:32:54 PM EST
Those Blaser R93 rifles are awful nice. I think I'd get one with a synthetic stock and a nice scope.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:34:40 PM EST
Depends on what you are looking for and what you have. How about an HK91???
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:37:46 PM EST
I have a post-ban Oly CAR-97, Mauser 95 (7mm), Scoped Pea shooter (Savage Mark II, .22 cal), and 2K burning my pocket that I've been saving for a new "toy".
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:38:12 PM EST
[red]NO FUCKING DOUBT .50 BMG!!!!!!![/red] Of all the guns out there, this is the one that is first on the chopping block. You may never have another chance to get one. That is the easiest piece of advice I have ever given./. TOTALLY NO DOUBT!@ McUZI
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:39:48 PM EST
I would build another DCM AR & spend the rest on Black Hills Ammo... [heavy]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:41:11 PM EST
And we all figured out what B F G means.................[shotgun]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:43:42 PM EST
Originally Posted By o0o: [red]NO FUCKING DOUBT .50 BMG!!!!!!![/red] Of all the guns out there, this is the one that is first on the chopping block. You may never have another chance to get one. That is the easiest piece of advice I have ever given./. TOTALLY NO DOUBT!@ What he said (although sanitized) McUZI
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Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:48:02 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/29/2001 4:47:08 PM EST by black-guns]
Check out the springfield tactical model.............fulton armory has a interesting sniper version...(f/n i think-bolt gun) .maybe someone on the board has insight on it........[:)]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:48:09 PM EST
I would pay for the parts to make a BMG and have my gunsmith buddy do it for me. Then Spend the rest on a scope.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 4:52:44 PM EST
Go for an fal an cetme 308 an ak 47 a bushmaster and some ammo 2K well spent!!!!
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 5:10:20 PM EST
Hurmmm.... Dammit McUZI!!! You've re-opened a deep wound that craves .50 cals. I've been wanting one for the longest. And it was for that reason I started to save the 2K in the first place. Let my "friends" talk me out of it. (Some friends they are!) Maybe you remember a couple of my post. "Snipper Riffle"... I'll never forgive myself for that shit. And I've asked a couple times about BMGs. Any others that I can purchase for less than 2K? Now I'm going to have to save up just to afford to shoot the damn thing. [:\]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 6:30:48 PM EST
Besides the .50 cal, what else? Accurate bolt guns? "Tactical" semis? Any other options?
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 6:46:01 PM EST
I'd go for a FN "Police Rifle", .308 bolt gun with sling & bipod - about $900, then spend the balance on a scope & mount, and some components. I've always wanted one of those evil black automatic bolt action long range armor piercing tank-killer assault weapons. This one looks like a good one. [sniper]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 7:02:28 PM EST
ET3--- May I suggest that you get: a new post-ban Target style UPPER for your CAR-97, and an inexpensive scope to start with; and get a 12-ga. pump shotgun (I like the Remington 870). You've got enough there to buy used or new in either choice, with some left over for ammo. Hmmmm.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 7:20:53 PM EST
Originally Posted By hoeftjl: [img]http://www.serbu.com/bfg50ad22.jpg[/img]
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What hoeftjl said.
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 7:23:03 PM EST
Springfield M1A, hands down, without a second thought. ronnie
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 7:26:04 PM EST
Here is what I would do.... 2 ea CMP M-1 garands ($1040) 2 ea CMP M-1 Garand grade B receivers ($260) 1 ea CMP M44 .22 target rifle ($120) 1 ea CMP M-1 Garand Grade A barreled receiver ($330) 400 rds CMP M2 Ball ($100) 5000 rds CMP .22 Hi Velocity ($100)
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 10:16:12 PM EST
M1A national match. Spare mags. Ammunition. That should eat up about all of your funds.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:02:04 AM EST
$2k could get you at least a few nights with these kind of skanks. [img]http://www.fox-club.com/discus/messages/7782/5396.jpg [/img]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 1:07:01 PM EST
www.jpar15.com enough said
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 1:14:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/30/2001 1:16:26 PM EST by HANGFIRE]
Originally Posted By ARChoo: [url]www.jpar15.com[/url] DITTO "enough said" Those guns are works of art, thanks for the heads up ARChoo[smoke]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 5:30:02 PM EST
kingfish, those things come free in life [or at the price of a couple beers (not that I know or anything)]. M1 Garand? Umm... not really my style. I guess, `cause I don't really want one. JP's. Too... different I guess is the word. But I did like the Rem 700 they had. Any more .50 cal pics?[}:D]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 5:42:23 PM EST
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