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Posted: 9/20/2005 11:21:14 AM EDT
All this "Who's better, Army Ranger Delta Ninjas or Navy Force Fleet Devgru SEALS" seemed a little tiresome to me, so I thought I'd change the tune. Everyone knows that it's really NASA's SSDGs that bring the heat.

List you favorite cadence, while you were learning to be a man, courtesy of Uncle Sugar.

Carry on, gentlemen.


Up jumped the monkey from the coconut grove
He was a mean mother fucker, you could tell by his clothes.

He wore a two button ditty with a three button stitch,
He was a loud mouth-mother fucker and a son of a bitch!

He lined a hundred women, up against the wall
and bet anyone, he could fuck them all.

He fucked 98 till his balls turn blue,
Then he backed off, jacked off, and fucked the other two!!!

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 11:29:35 AM EDT
Napalm sticks to kids.....
also a Ranger one

Back in December 1989
Noreiga was out of time
Over lil' country called Panama
T-10 Bravos were all you saw
2nd Batt. pvt. was standing in the door
.50cal rounds were punching through the floor
Jumped right out and I counted to three
Thats when I saw I was over the trees
Made it to the ground and I was okay
Till the AK rounds came right my way
Hey little punk your shooting at me
Get some of my 203
You wanna sell drugs and break our laws
Prepare yourselves for our Just Cause
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 12:08:55 PM EDT
I always liked "Old King Cole" for marching. I modified it when I was in
1-7 Cav, and, in 1-124th Cav, TXARNG. I also did it on active duty alot.
Good for marching long distances.

Old King Cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he uh-huh.

He called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his privates three uh-huh.

"Beer-Beer-Beer" said the privates.

Fighting men are we-ee.

But there's none so fair as can compare to the Texas Cavalry uh-huh.

(Reprise/insert "corporal" for "private)

"How 'bout a three day pass?" said the corporals

(Reprise/insert "sergeants" for "corporals")

"File from the right, colum right." said the sergeants.

(reprise/insert "Looys" for "sergeanats")

"Where the hell are we at?" said the looys.

(reprise/instert "captains for "looys"

"Who's gonna take that hill?" said the captain.

(reprise/insert "majors" for "captains")

"Who's gonna drive my jeep?" said the majors.

(reprise/insert colonels for majors)

"Who's gonna shine my leaves?" said the colonels.

(Reprise/insert "generals" for "colonels")

"Who's gonna do my work?" said the generals.



I also liked a cadence a guy made up to "War Pigs" we did in PLDC. It didn't really work, but, we all worked at making it go, just 'cuse it pissed off the SGL.

I also liked

"I'm Your Steam Roller Baby"

That was my favorite marching cadence going through another unit's area

in order to pee on thier lawn.

The stomping and clapping really got people going.

I tried to make a marching one to "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" for
1-124th, but, I laked the rythm.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 1:08:23 PM EDT
Ihate them all.
Especially "C-130 rollin' down the strip"
That always seemed so be the default one to sing when the leader ran of cadences.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 1:22:58 PM EDT
"War Pigs" was one of my favorites.

But I hated to lead cadences, so I would find the most offensive song I could, and call that. Being Military Intelligence, we couldn't call anything that might offend anyone. I only had to call cadence 2x. These were what I used

"Piggie Pie"

"Come and get it! Woo!
We got some fresh fills for your fat chicken-ass to snack on, bitch!
So here, start with a slice of this fresh piggy pie, motherfucker!"

[Violent J]
The first little piggy, his house is made of wood
He lives in a chicken turkey piggy neighborhood
He likes to fuck his sister, and drink his moonshine
A typical redneck filthy fuckin' swine
I rode into town with my axe in my holster
Everybody knows about the wicked piggy roaster
A farmer at the border, he tried to take me out
I drew my ax with the quickness, and cut his chicken feathers out
Walked in the village, and to the piggy's place
He opened up his door, and popped me in the face
And blew me off the porch, and cracked my head in half
But I'm a Juggalo, so it only made me laugh (hehe)
Forty in hand, I rose from the dead
And threw with all my might, I made a ping noise off his head
Since we out west, I had a little fun
And pulled his fuckin tongue out the back of his cranium

[Chorus (1x)]
Three little piggies, to make a piggy pie
There's nothing like the sound when you hear a piggy die
I might use a gun (no), I might use an ax (yes)
The carnival's in town, come and get your piggy snacks!

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
The second little piggy, his house is made of brick
And this little piggy is a motherfucking dick
He sits on his bench and gets all the respect
But if I get a chance, I'm goin' straight for the neck
He walked in the room, and everybody rose
Lopped off bucket chillin' underneath my clothes
First they let the piggy, now you can finally sit
But what this piggy don't know is he's about to get his neck wet
Now I see the bailiff, I'm thinkin' what the fuck?
I can smoke this room before his hearing aid will pick it up
Old-ass man, I let him get away
That tired motherfucker will probably die tomorrow anyway
Here come the piggy, it's time for my case
His eyes are blood red with a wicked lookin' face
He saw my joker's smile, and sentenced me to die
So I ragged on the bucket, made it fuckin' rain pork rinds

[Chorus (2x)]

[Violent J]
The last little piggy, his house is made of gold
He lives in a mansion on his own private road
I started walking down it, the guard he told me wait
I bounced off his head and did a Jackie Chan over the gate
Cuz this little piggy, must definitely fry
I'm a lop his nugget off and toss it in the sky
And then I watch the moon take the form of the devil
And pull it out the sky, and beat it with a shovel
People in my city, they fightin for they meals
He sleeps on a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills
How rich he is the devil, he never will admit it
So I'm a take his money stack and stuff his face with it
Opened up his door, he's sleeping in his bed
I grabbed a brick of gold and laid it upside his head
He begged for his life, I told him it's too late
And took away his dough and watched the devil suffercate
Cuz I need...

[Chorus (4x)]


"This is a Channel 7 news breif because the news is happening now."
"Hello, Morque Perkins reporting. Our top story tonight, police and
investigators are still trying to figure out how and why somebody
stole 4 dead bodies from the Wayne County morgue late Monday night.
Police say, the apparent body theif entered through the basement
window, but how he alluded the security and alarm system is still a
mystery. But what we at Channel 7 are wondering, what kind of sick
fuck would steal 4 dead bodies anyway? Details at 11."

[Violent J]
Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street
Fifty-five, sixty-five bodies at least
I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn
I'm always finding bodies when I'm mowing the lawn
Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven
Wicked clown lovin that dead body gloven
Tastes like chicken finger lickin deep fried
I ate a dead body, but don't tell, I lied
I just ate my first dead body last week
Still gots the finger nail caught in my teeth
Before you start yelling and cursing my name
Remember something's wrong with my brain, insane
Second I was born, doctor threw me 'gainst the wall
Kicked open the door and he whipped me down the hall
I'm sliding and I'm bouncing off shit like a hockey puck
And my mother's like "What the fuck?!"
He said I was born of an alien race
Born with a hatchet and a juggalo face
But I'm not a martian, you wouldn't understand
I'm just the dead body man

"We got bodies, dead bodies
We got fat ones, skinny ones
Males, females, hermaphrodites
We got somebodies, we got nobodies
Bodies, bodies, bodies, woo!"

[Violent J]
Dead bodies, dead bodies in the back of my van
All the little kiddies love the dead body man
I drive through my neighborhood ringing my bell
Some people run cuz they don't like the smell
Others line up just as quick as they can
To try and catch a glimpse of the dead body man
It's all good, if you can stand the funk, but ah
Just don't look in the trunk
I drive down Central kickin the bass
Chillin with my freaks and I'm picked her face
Maggots and bugs like to crawl on her head
Cuz my bitch is dead, I'd rather that instead
Than a ho you can't trust, always diggin a nut
A dead body bitch learns to keep her mouth shut
Riding in the back is my dead body crew
Only they can never think of nothing to do
If you think I'm sick take a look at yourself
You got dead deer heads up on your shelf
On your key chain is a little baby rabbit's hand
I'm just the dead body man

"We also collect dead bodies
So, if you know any dead people
Or you yourself are planning on dying soon
We'll be happy to come to your house
And pay cash for it
We appreciate good healthy stiff
For our dinner

[Chorus (1x)]
Call me the dead body man (some one give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (just sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (br-bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man (won't ya give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (just sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (just mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (br-bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (won't ya mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man, call me the dead body man

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 1:25:27 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/20/2005 1:28:53 PM EDT by DoNotTreadOnMe]
Hey Hey Boba Riba.

I wish all the ladies where holes in the road
and i was a dump truck i would give them all my load.

so on and and so on... Dont know if you could get away with that these days...

Air Bourne Ranger Air Bourne Ranger Where have you been
South Vietnam and back again

Air Bourne Ranger Air Borne Ranger How did you get there
C-130 flying low

A B R A B R how did you get down
T-10 bravo big and round

A B R A B R what did you do
Killed VC for me and you

A B R A B R how did you get back
Black and Gold Body Sack
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 1:25:32 PM EDT
" ...up in the morning with blood shot eyes, I can see it's another tequila sunrise...

...stand up , shuffle over, take a leak, I can see that all that partyin' aint for the weak..."

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 1:33:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/20/2005 1:39:18 PM EDT by piccolo]
Ol-le-ol-le Anna.

Great for double time.

One time I was on an army base and a group of guys were marching somewhere. I fell in along the NCOIC and sang out "There she was, just a walking down the street."

When the guys grinned and sang "Do wah diddy diddy dum ditty do"
the SSG looked at me with a big grin and told me to carry on.

I'm not bashful, I did.

The guys loved it. They were Army. I wonder to this day if Marines would have done the same thing.
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 3:56:06 PM EDT
Model A Ford and a tank full of gas....
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 4:08:32 PM EDT
For you old guys out there.

President Johnson drop the bomb
cause I don't want to go to Nam.

Uncle Ho is a son of a bitch
He's got blue balls, crabs and the seven year itch.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 5:59:11 PM EDT

Originally Posted By DoNotTreadOnMe:
Hey Hey Boba Riba.

I wish all the ladies where holes in the road
and i was a dump truck i would give them all my load.

"If all of the ladies
Were pies on a shelf.
And I were a baker,
I'd eat them all myself!

Hey! Hey Barbereeba!
Hey hey Barbereeba!

If all of the ladies,
Were clouds in the sky,
And I were a pilot,
I'd fly between their thighs!

Hey! Hey Barbereeba!
Hey hey Barbereeba!

If all of the ladies,
Were bats in a steeple,
And I were a king bat,
ther'd be more bats than people.

Hey! Hey Barbereeba!
Hey hey Barbereeba!
Hey! Hey Barbereeba!
Hey hey Barbereeba!

Leh! Leh! Leh right a leh!

( To "pop goes the weasle")

I don't go out and fool around!
I live a life of danger.
I sit at home and play with myself.
Whee! I'm a Ranger!
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:06:13 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:07:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:08:49 PM EDT
MacDonalds Massacre was always a fun one.
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:10:25 PM EDT
I've been trying to make up socialist running cadences.

I dunno but I been told
All day long we're bought and sold
All those fat cats back in town
Capitalist oppressor's keeping me down
Sound off (smash the state!)
Sound off (revolution!)
Sound off (Das Kapital!)

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:10:50 PM EDT
Stomp your left and drag your right
boots cost money
boots cost money

That sounds soo cool when done right
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