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7/8/2020 3:01:36 PM
Posted: 3/19/2001 2:28:05 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/19/2001 2:39:10 AM EDT by thistle]
I'll probaly get kicked off the board for this but here goes    [url]www.maficdesign.com/ayb/mrt.swf
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 5:20:04 AM EDT
Thanks for the laugh!
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 9:17:21 AM EDT
Outstanding !!![smoke]
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 9:41:39 AM EDT

Allay ouryay asebay elongbay otay usay.....
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 2:00:38 PM EDT
LMAO! BTT. I pitty the fool who are belong to us!
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 8:40:03 PM EDT
Going offline to change underwear....
Link Posted: 3/22/2001 1:59:09 AM EDT
Was hopping you all enjoyed
Link Posted: 3/22/2001 2:05:18 AM EDT
LOL loved it.

Now you can hand over you guns to me and leave with your head hung low.[:)]
Link Posted: 3/22/2001 5:00:34 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/22/2001 10:30:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/22/2001 10:37:54 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 12:57:15 AM EDT
Acually, I was concerned about seeing this.
I noted that Akira liked it. I have seen his demo tape. Great work BUT if he liked it I figured it was different.
Talk him into putting his demo tape here for you guys. It's COOL!
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 1:45:48 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 6:19:24 AM EDT
All your base are belong to MrP... Err uhhh.. MrT...
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 11:19:31 AM EDT
Pretty dang funny
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 1:57:06 PM EDT
Nice job. Now, do you think Mr. T can handle Di?

Link Posted: 3/23/2001 5:12:15 PM EDT
Very funny! Kick A** dude!


Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:08:55 PM EDT
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