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Posted: 4/19/2007 2:59:42 AM EDT
In terms of conservatives losing the big fights in the near future.

Seeing the NYTimes editorial page today, I'm not so sure anymore.

When Bill Keller's estrogen levels are this high, it makes me think
this country has a chance.


1) decries the SCTOUS rulgin as men persecuting women. whine whine whine. This is such a clear cut issue of barbarism SEPERATE from the abortion debate that its almsot silly/scary to think a ifferent court would've ruled otherwise.

2) Darfur - an issue that ONLY our president wants to confront out of ANY world leader. They really ahve to stretch to find fault with him on this matter. They can't criticize the Socialist Utopia Of Europe that they so admire, so they... whine whine whine.

3) Gun control again. Whining about how the DNC sent otu letters that this is a third rail. YOURE FUCKING STRAIGHT IT IS. They are against the explicit second amendment, but for the implicit, right to due process, which mean right to privacy which means righ tto abortion Whine whine whine

4) Corzine and seatbelt laws. (a pure fluff piece)
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