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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/22/2002 12:39:56 PM EST
I’m sure that everybody here knows about this, but for the few who do not.... Kim. Strassel, of the WSJ, has written an excellent [url=http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/kstrassel/?id=105001670] summation[/url] of the case against the author of “Arming America”. For those of you who have followed this story there is little new info here, just a step by step account of how Bellesiles, and his “research” was exposed as a fraud. For those who have not been following this story, I highly recommend the link. Bellesiles single handedly tried to take away our second amendment rights by publishing false data. His “research” was designed to prove that private ownership of firearms was rare in America during the early years of our country. Ergo, the founders could not have meant the second as an individual right. Sarah Brady, the VPC, and others hailed this guy as a hero in their war against firearms. And he almost got away with it. Mike
Link Posted: 2/22/2002 1:54:01 PM EST
yeah, but he got spanked in the end..
Link Posted: 2/22/2002 6:32:59 PM EST
It is cool that he was dis-credited by his own peers. This guy is a total embarrasment to the anti-gun cause. If it was coming from us, i.e. NRA, GOA etc, the mainstream news media would simply ignore it. It is surprising how the left-leaning news media often accepts blinds studies without verifying the facts. The anti-gunners often stretch the truth to justify their calls for more gun control laws, this is certainly one of the rare cases where the author was caught red-handed outright lying and falsifying data to justify his conclusion.
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