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Posted: 3/23/2001 6:11:55 AM EDT
Can any one relate to this?  Ya know what I mean, out of work for a while...family is outa control...the world seems foriegn to ya..and things no longer make sense anymore!!

Sometimes it's more than a guy can handle!!

Am I the only on the thought Micheal Douglas in the movie "Falling Down" was the HERO??

Am I the only one that feels this way?[>:/]

Tell me I ain't crazy, cause I sure as hell don't feel like I am, things are just different and they just don't make sense anymore[>:/]

Randall Flag[:\]
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 6:18:23 AM EDT
Example...Like why the f%^& does this new post appear on page 3???

Link Posted: 3/23/2001 6:49:23 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:00:24 AM EDT
Ah!  The old "Going over the edge" thread.  Man it seems that I take 1 step forward and two back.  Just the boncing ball of life I guess.  Now I just laugh it all off!
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:10:15 AM EDT
I went through a time, when I felt this way. Don't let it get to you! Take it one step at a time. When something was bugging me, I would drive out to the country and just go for a walk in the woods, getting away and enjoying the quite and nature, helped me keep things straight. Good Luck
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:20:47 AM EDT
Yes sir, I most certainly can!  Right now I'm in the middle of moving, not only myself but my Mom and Dad as well.  All of this after I get off work of course.  Yeah, it's beginning to wear me out, I'm sure I'll make it though.  I really liked "Falling Down", especially the scene in the fast food restaurant.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:36:09 AM EDT
If you really want to feel better about your situation, just talk to someone who is or has been worse off and survived... like me. :)

Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:49:11 AM EDT
Twice.  It [b]always[/b] get's better...
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 7:59:46 AM EDT
Ya ever feel like ya gonna snap?

Yeah whenever someone mentions Micheal Douglas
special ambassador to the U.N. I.. I.. I.. I had to paste his name up there it gets so bad.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 8:21:52 AM EDT
I know how you feel, I watch "Falling Down" every once in awhile just to help keep reality in perspective.

And no your not crazy, [b]you[/b] realize how you are feeling, crazy people don't.



"I won't be wronged,  I won't be insulted
and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do
these things to other people and I require
the same from them."
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 8:28:12 AM EDT
Michael Douglas is the hero of the movie.  To me the movie meant that working hard for a living, playing by the rules and providing for your family is not always enough.  Sometimes things don't work out and there is not one damn thing you can do about it.  The movie was a testimony of the moral decay of our society.  This good man did everything he was supposed to do, but he still took it up the ass.  

He is also the villan because he lost his grip and let the moral decay around him eat away at him until he was morally corrupt and did those things that he knew were wrong.  The movie explains why he lost it, so for the most part you forgive him for those bad things he does and you even root for him because many of us working under the mantle of "da man" have experienced the same things.  

If you lose your grip and do those things, you end up hurting those you love the most.  It is the ultimate act of selfishness.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 8:45:09 AM EDT
I view it as a M.D. vehicle for anti gun messages :Gun dealers are all nazi loonies and that small children know how to operate rocket launchers etc.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 9:06:22 AM EDT
Well I wasn't really planning on doing anything stupid like D-Fnse did, just trying to figure out what's really going on.  I am a religious man and I pray often.  I know GOD has a plan, I just wish He would tell me what the heck it is!!

Anyway, thanks for listening

Randall Flag

...Maybe being middle age has something to do with it??
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 9:20:35 AM EDT
Tough people last, tough times don't.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 9:14:23 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 10:29:47 PM EDT
Yea its tough it'll only get better

the guys at the post office wont talk to me anymore, if fact they stoped coming around me altogether. Hummm wonder why?

think happy thoughts (.)(.)
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 10:40:44 PM EDT
I'm a quittin' smokin' righta nowa, anda I'ma goin' freakin insane.....since the 7th of March and yesterday I cut down to 11 mg patch from a 21mg patch....I'ma goin more crazy rifht now for a smoke than you could imagine...but Im not gonna let it beat me, I'm the master of my feelings and my fate.  So be it!
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 10:57:33 PM EDT
"Am I the only on the thought Micheal Douglas in the movie "Falling Down" was the HERO??"

No Sir.  You are most certainly NOT the only one.  The golf course scene is my favorite.  Laughed till the tears ran when I saw that.

Surely on my top 10 list of favorite movies.

Hang on, it may not get ANY better, but hang on anyway...
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 11:19:13 PM EDT
Hang in there Randle Flag, I've had more than my share of tough times, but I'm a tough minded person. You can knock me down, but I'm coming back up swinging. If I'm feeling down, I always do something I enjoy such as weightlifting, hiking, reading, or shooting and focus on positive things. As well, try and do something kind for someone else, it will lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.

As for the movie "Falling Down", I hated it. I think the character M. Douglas played was a weak minded pathetic. The man did not have a warrior spirit; he was a walking victim.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 6:30:52 AM EDT
In the last couple of weeks, the landlord invented stuff about the place 'needing repairs' (reality: he got some unexpected bills & wants to extract more rent), meanwhile my son wants to buy a car (can't afford the car or the insurance), oh yeah, overloaded at work....and on and on.  

In the middle of this, for some odd reason it popped into my head that as bad as things seemed, there are people in the world who have to go miles to get water from the hole where the various animals come to drink and sh*t in the water.

We've all been there - hang on and get out more (not to the bar) - walking helps.  Or find something interesting to do, or go help or visit someone else who needs it,  maybe some old or homebound folks.

Winter should be pretty much over -  more light helps sometimes.

If you have any firearms and have had (or any one else around has had) thoughts about harming yourself or anyone else, think about putting them in safe storage (where they aren't readily accessible), maybe off-premises, or even getting rid of them.

Look for humor in things, and stupid as it may seem, putting a smile on your face for a while (even when you don't feel smiley) can help a little.

I wouldn't identify with Michael Douglas too much.  He started off kind of a hero in the beginning but sorta threw it all away in the end.  Plus he's an "anti"!!!.

You probably have strengths you don't think about but are there nontheless.  Haul them out.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak, and keep as active as possible.

I'm no big cheerleader for "shrinks" but sometimes they give better advice than the drinking buddies do.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 6:49:33 AM EDT
WOW,To think we had a conversation 'bout the movie "Falling Down" at work today. I've not seen the movie yet. And yet looking forward to see it.(Actually rented it tonite)

Randall Flag,
We all feel for ya. And at times feel the same way. However, Keep Jesus in mind and don't do anything that the Anti's can use againsts us!!!

Brother in Arms.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 10:56:36 AM EDT
I feel like I can snap on every monday. I work with a bunch of dip shits and russians, who wouldn't snap?
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:12:48 AM EDT
Sure, I know the feeling.  I look around and see those more "fortunate than I" who look totally oblivious to others around them, as if they've lost, or worse, sold their souls.  I see those less fortunate than I am, and thank my lucky stars (actually, GOD), that I have what I have, and might even hope (say a prayer) that they get better.  I look in the mirror in the morning and see that I'm seasoned just about right...
If you're vertical and breathin', keep on keepin' on.  Besides, you've got friends here.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:24:25 AM EDT
I always can find peace by looking up into the night sky, it really makes your life seem insignificant- which is comforting in a way.

One day the universe will either collapse upon itself, all the works of man, all the wars fought about ideas and religion, they will all compress into a single point and there will be no trace of anything. Or, the universe will keep on expanding and as chemical and atomic engergy all turns into heat, the universe will slowly die and the stars will burn out.

So really, there is NOTHING you can do to affect ANYTHING at all in the big picture. So sit back, relax, and try not to give a shit.

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 3:40:01 PM EDT
I wonder if there's any corrolation between the feelings of I'm just about ready to snap, and the compulsion to buy weapons of mass distruction?

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 4:40:25 PM EDT
You know, someone asked me why I carry a pistol at all times.  I replied "what if I snapped, and didn't HAVE it?  Can you imagine walking down the stret, snapping, and NOT having anything to snap WITH!!!"

And by the way, we are not with you.  We have all emailed each other, and decided you snapping would be a good thing.  But please use a flintlock if you decide to go on a shooting spree, and not the AR or AK, alright?

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 5:43:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 7:34:00 PM EDT
Randall Flag is a prick
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 8:14:14 PM EDT
The concept of somebody "snapping" and then, on the spur of the moment, capriciously and without forethought, wasting a crowded mall or school is a load of crap. These people give off lots of warnings and plan their selfish, sick deeds well in advance. You don't sound like that to me.

Randall, if you are for real, (and in the world of the Internet, who knows) hang in there. Life gets better. I've seen some bad times, too, and outside of the US and Canada/W. Europe, life generally sucks for most people- they wish they had our problems.
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 8:19:15 PM EDT
Yeah Michael Douglas was a hero.  A man who could only stand up for himself by being violently aggressive.  Hero.  Definetely.

Not only are you a sicko but you are an idiot.

People like you make me want to snap.  If you would have been telling me your ballistics story face to face I would have walked away as to not go to jail (assault) and be sued (medical bills on your part).  

Link Posted: 4/21/2001 8:23:59 PM EDT
1. Load up 20 rd mag and place in your AR.

2.Shoot up a bag full of cats with first 19 rds. You'll feel much better.

3. Place barrel of AR in mouth and pull trigger before euphoria passes..
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 8:31:45 PM EDT
Just reread ballistic post (learn how to spell you ignorant inane honkey)

burn in hell you sociopathic fuck!  Animals may not be humans, but we still have a responsibility to take care of them, spay your fucking cat you fucking moron!  Redneck!  

No wonder your family is falling apart, your wife probably just realized you were a fucking sociopath!  She is probably scared to death of you now!  You probably don't have any qualms about beating her either, do you?  If she becomes "a pain in the @ss" why don't you use her for tests?  
James Andrews
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 8:50:53 PM EDT
Randall: hang in there, with time everything passes, even the cat test.
Link Posted: 4/21/2001 9:01:06 PM EDT
Yep- I read the "balastic"(sic[k]) post, too. I never thought I'd sympathise with the PETA people.....

How about putting Randall and his ilk in a big burlap bag and letting the kitties have a go with the AR?

Link Posted: 4/21/2001 9:07:57 PM EDT
Hang in there. I think all of us think about snapping at one point or the other. Then I think I better not do it because I will be one of those stats the anti's will use against us. If you really got to do it though..go to a Wall mart and grab a BB rifle off the shelf and load it with the ammo that's laying right next to it by the CO2 carts. If anything maybe they will smarten up.

Link Posted: 4/21/2001 9:18:12 PM EDT
i almost snapped last year. really. i was ready to shoot somthing up real bad. things have gotten a little better now. now every day i know im gonna to sleep in my bad that night. at times last year i didnt know if i was gonna sleep in my house, the jail house, or in a coffin. i was a real freaking wreck. i guess i just realized as i typed this how fucked up i was. maybe i need some help. i wish i had gotten some then
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 2:02:17 AM EDT
As you can see from the replys to your plight
there are more than a few who are unsympathetic.
I would encourage you to stand and fight. I
would prefer to see you pissing on their graves
than they on yours. When out of work the best thing is to find a job fast. Any job. I have
found that being out of work is about the worst
thing that can happen to a man. Take any position you can find. Partime, weekends whatever. You may be a Union member and you
can't afford to take a lessor paying job; so
you may think. I have been there and you can.
Work is what keeps us Men going. Money is important but work is what keeps us out of trouble. So even if you are getting unemployment
benefits; find something to do even if you have
to volunteer your skills a couple days a week.
Engage life, interact with as many different
people as you can, and stay busy.
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