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Posted: 10/20/2004 8:37:00 PM EDT

Money quote:

There are two candidates in the US presidential election. One gets it, the other doesn’t. I won’t be voting for Bush, but that’s only because I’m not American.

Link Posted: 10/20/2004 8:49:26 PM EDT
No, this is the money quote

So, this is what I have to say for those who think that Americans have overreacted to 9/11. Actually they have under-reacted. One more attack on America and Latin America will be condemned to a further hundred years of solitude and misery.

There are around 200 countries in the world today. Think that every floor of each WTC tower was one of them. The richest were those closer to the ground, the poorest the highest ones. If the base crumbles, the hundredth floor is unable to stand alone in thin air. Besides, the closer people were to the ground, the safer they were. The whole world is the WTC and those who inhabit its higher floors want to see the building collapse. That’s as clever as setting fire to the floor below your own.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 3:45:56 AM EDT

Simply wow.

It is a darn shame that the voices of common sense outside the US are drowned out by the idiots in their nations too. I have always believed that the average person is really no different the world over. They try not to harm anyone and are actually quite sensible.

It seems to be the "educated" and the "elite" that are too stupid for words.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:23:28 AM EDT
Damn, that was one powerfull read.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:35:47 AM EDT
Wow, that guy has his head on straight!

I vote we give him an honorary US citizenship!
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