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Posted: 12/4/2001 4:54:20 AM EDT
Who among us really needs evidence that the group that passes itself off as 'the Press' here in America, is nothing more than a bunch of whacked liberal effete snobs, who don't give a rat's rear about what's happening in 'flyover country'? [u]And[/u] that they permit their personal politics to interfere with their 'journalism'? Well, if you [b]need[/b] more evidence you might try reading this - the new book by former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg 'Bias' as reviewed by Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post: [size=4]Goldberg on CBS: Nothing Good to Report[/size=4] By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 3, 2001; Page C01 It's not every day that someone likens Dan Rather and CBS News to the Mafia. Or declares that the don in this case is The Dan, "who wanted me whacked." Or calls the CBS brass "a bunch of hypocrites" so consumed by liberal bias that they reflexively slant the news. The source of this vitriolic attack is none other than Bernard Goldberg, a CBS correspondent for 28 years who left the network last year. In his forthcoming book, "Bias," published by the conservative house Regnery Publishing, Goldberg unloads on his ex-employer. What's striking is the intensely personal nature of Goldberg's assault. He describes Rather as a generous man who is also "ruthless and unforgiving," with a touch of Richard Nixon's "paranoia." He accuses one correspondent of "junk journalism." And he says CBS News President Andrew Heyward once told him: "Look, Bernie, of course there's a liberal bias in the news. All the networks tilt left. . . . If you repeat any of this, I'll deny it." Heyward declined to be drawn into a debate with Goldberg, saying: "Bernie asked to see me before the book was published and said he didn't want to be portrayed as a liar or a disgruntled employee. Therefore, I have no comment." Goldberg became something of a pariah at CBS after accusing the network of liberal bias in a 1996 op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal. Some CBS insiders describe Goldberg as a talented journalist who became increasingly bitter and isolated at the network. They are stunned that he would betray Heyward, a longtime friend who refused to fire him during the Journal controversy, pushed to get him a spot at "60 Minutes II" and kept him on the payroll until Goldberg could qualify for a larger pension at 55. "In the end, he seemed to think his job was to report on CBS News instead of reporting for CBS News," said Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent. "Bernie just seemed to be upset about everything. He was upset with the world." Correspondent Eric Engberg said Goldberg committed an "[b]act of treason[/b]" and decided the best way to sell a book "is to trash your friends and former colleagues. . . . He didn't have many friends in this organization because he was a selfish, self-involved guy who was not a team player." Engberg accused Goldberg of a "sleazy, snake-in-the-grass style" for not complaining to him before blasting him in the Journal over his report ridiculing Steve Forbes's flat-tax plan. Goldberg, who now works for HBO's "Real Sports," said yesterday he wrote the book because he cares about journalism and that he "left out a bunch of things that might really embarrass people. . . . - continued -
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 4:54:54 AM EDT
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"Whenever you raise an issue like this, they close ranks and close their minds. They're just going to call me these terrible vicious names instead of looking at the problem. . . . They don't like the people they're broadcasting to. I can't tell you how many times I heard the term 'white trash' thrown around. I come from a lower-middle-class background and I resent that." Rather declined to comment, but told the Dallas Morning News in 1996 that he wouldn't let anyone "intimidate" him "into reporting the news their way." To which Goldberg writes: "Why is it that when journalists write something tough about other people it's called 'news,' but when someone writes something tough about news people like Dan Rather it's called 'intimidation'?" In Goldberg's view, CBS staffers are too "arrogant" to examine the leftward tilt of their reporting, which he says is shared by the other major networks. (Only Andy Rooney sent a supportive note after the Journal article.) Goldberg describes a CBS conference call in which a Washington staffer "nonchalantly referred to a presidential candidate as 'Gary Bauer, the little nut from the Christian group.' " No one, says Goldberg, raised an objection. "Bias" devotes considerable attention to the subject of race. During the May 2000 sweeps, Goldberg says, CBS's "48 Hours" and NBC's "Dateline" ran no stories involving blacks, and ABC's "20/20" ran two. (The lone exception was "60 Minutes," on which seven of 12 stories featured blacks as main characters.) During a 1999 story for "48 Hours" on a teenager in jail, Goldberg says, a New York producer asked his field producer, "What is she?" " 'She's black,' the producer told his boss in New York, 'but she's light-skinned.' He felt he had to say that to get the okay to proceed with the story." Another producer is quoted as saying the bosses "were not subtle at all. They made it pretty damn clear to me that 'we want stories with white folks.' " Susan Zirinsky, executive producer of "48 Hours," says Goldberg is merely making assumptions. "There's not one fact in there," she says. "These are charges without validation. If you can't give me a specific, I say case closed. We are about doing good stories, end of sentence. Race is not a factor." Ticking off stories involving blacks, Zirinsky says the program is focusing next month on black families in Texas who adopted more than 80 problem kids. Goldberg quotes from a " '48 Hours' Survival Guide": "Looks count, too. This is television after all. You can find the most articulate character in the world, but if she has no teeth or has a beard, no one will hear what she is saying." Zirinsky says the memo is "not from my era" and no longer in use. The book also derides coverage of family issues: "Feminists are the pressure group that the media elites (and their wives and friends) are most aligned with." Goldberg tips his hat to ABC's Peter Jennings for acknowledging the media should include more conservative voices. "Does anyone think a 'diverse' group of conservative journalists would give us the news straight?" Goldberg asks. "I sure as hell don't. They'd be just like the Left." See article at:[url]http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A47214-2001Dec2.html [/url] Eric The(NoneDareCallItTreason)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 4:59:02 AM EDT
Eric- I think I'll add this book to my library, and give it an honored place, RIGHT NEXT TO my hardbound edition of "None Dare Call It Treason." [:D]
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:17:39 AM EDT
Here's Jonah Goldberg writing about Bernard's book - [url]http://www.nationalreview.com/goldberg/goldberg120301.shtml[/url] Sorry, but it appears that the Washington Post link may not work. Yes, garandman, but I never got a copy of the hardbound copy, I was too busy buying the paperback issues of NDCTT, and passing them out! Eric The(ThoseWereTheDays)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:19:12 AM EDT
Good quote from book - 'If CBS News were a prison instead of a journalistic enterprise, three-quarters of the producers and 100 percent of the vice presidents would be Dan's bitches,' Goldberg declares on Page 10.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:22:30 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:22:32 AM EDT
I managed to find a hardbound copy, in the wrapper, about two years ago, and I scooped it up. $47 ever livin' dollars!!!!!!!!!! They are STILL out there. Its out of print, but there is a publishing house still making copies. (not sure HOW that works)
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:28:59 AM EDT
i wish i was the news man. i'd tell it like it was. "uh, yeah, this is the news, we're kicking some ass over in afganistan. we sent in some marines and depending on the resistance they encounter, we might send in more troops or we might not. now over to ryan with a map to show you where afganisatn is..." no one can accume me of being overcomplicated.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 7:46:03 AM EDT
Originally Posted By garandman: I managed to find a hardbound copy, in the wrapper, about two years ago, and I scooped it up. $47 ever livin' dollars!!!!!!!!!! They are STILL out there. Its out of print, but there is a publishing house still making copies. (not sure HOW that works) Are you talking about the same book? Or "None Dare"?
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Link Posted: 12/4/2001 7:46:56 AM EDT
$47 for None Dare Call It Treason.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 3:12:49 PM EDT
Originally Posted By garandman: Eric- I think I'll add this book to my library, and give it an honored place, RIGHT NEXT TO my hardbound edition of "None Dare Call It Treason." [:D]
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[:D]i have the revised and expanded version of "None Dare Call It Treason" and you dont. haha
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