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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/8/2003 5:25:30 PM EST
As an officer? I have been married for 7 months and will be expecting my first child in April (yes, a honeymoon baby!!). I have been talking to a recruiter for the past couple of months but I haven't made a decision yet. I have taken the ASVAB (scored an 84) and gone to MEPS (I qualify for just about everything). My biggest concern (and its not too big) is whether or not I will get the MOS/career field I want, Intelligence. I am looking at the Army as a 20-30 year commitment or a step towards working for the CIA or FBI.

I don't know much about the Army 'lifestyle' because I was brought up in an Air Force oriented family (Dad, uncles, aunts, grandfather, etc... all Air Force).

What do you think?


Would you choose an enlisted position in the Air Force over a commission in the Army??

This has also been a thought of mine but my wife isn't really fond of me enlisting.

Thanks for the help...

Link Posted: 12/10/2003 9:10:21 AM EST
If you already have a degree why not look into the FBI now, also you have to look at what it will do to your new family, will she stay by your side and be willing to become a "military wife" or is she expecting more? It sounds like you yourself has some doubts too that does not make for a good enlistment, As for as enlisted in the airforce I would say your best bet would be PJ or into Security Forces then get into a Specialty like a raven or OSI investigator. Ive been in 20 years in Feb but I Do have the support of my wife and it has made all the difference in the world when that phone rings for a mission, I was very serious with someone before who used to argue over that, It's very hard on them and in turn they can make it hard on you, you don't want personal problems interfereing with your decisions on the battle/training grounds. you might make 20 but as a boozer who never made command level. Think long and hard about the choices ahead of you. It will affect the rest of your life, Mine has been great and I would do it all over again but.. I also have a very understanding and caring wife and children.
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 6:56:32 PM EST
I would go if I was assigned to a helicopter flight school after finishing OCS. To get a Helo ticket cost around 16k and they will be looking for new pilots in the cilivian market as there is a shortage.
Link Posted: 12/14/2003 7:12:30 PM EST
Join the AF. The Army doesn't need any more officers who don't want to be there. FWIW, all the FBI guys I know that went the oeprations route were former go-fast guys - like Rangers, Marine Force Recon, etc. - nopt intell guys. If your long-term plans are FBI you should really talk to them about what they are looking for - usually accountants and such otherwise. I will warn you though, that the FBI is pretty screwed up when it comes to hiring - the last agent I talked to was ready to take another job when they suddenly hired him on. They are not exactly straight forward with you.
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