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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/28/2003 12:02:44 PM EST
I have a small amount of compost that has a nice collection of worms in it. I keep it damp, with the top being not quite dry and the bottom kinda soggy. I have been turning it about once a week & mixing it all up from top to bottom. Usually I find the worms in bunches near the bottom. How often is good for this? And am I getting the moisture about right? Anything else I should toss in? Now it gets food scraps (not much meat) sometimes some citrus, egg shells, bad milk, etc. Anything to avoid? The wroms seem very tolerant of what I'm doing now. Looking forward to taking a bunch to the fishin' hole.
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 11:23:34 PM EST
Night crew? What do you think?
Link Posted: 6/28/2003 11:26:33 PM EST
Sound slike it working- they need food, air circulation and an abscence of heat. Ref wigglers or night crawlers?? Red wigglers are supposed to be better for bins. The worm 'pellets' are great fewrtilizer/soil conditioner.
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 1:13:32 AM EST
Sounds like you've got it right. Google searches will turn up a wealth of info, but if you're a traditionalist, look for a copy of a book called "Let it Rot". IIRC, it's mainly about compostimg, but there are a few mentions of using worms as well. -Hobbit
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 2:54:01 AM EST
Consider raising a few rabbits.. you'll have more worms than you can handle
Link Posted: 6/29/2003 4:15:09 PM EST
things to put in vermiposting/ composting piles: anything uncooked, fruit or vegtable. egg shells are ok, but avoid meat (and milk) my brother has some tubs with the red wiggler variety, they are eating newspaper and what ever veggies he throws in there. carrots and potatoes help if you shred them, if you really want to feed them I've heard the worms get in bunches to procreate, and if you are worm composting you don't really need to turn your pile (it also disturbs the orgy) water all you want till the worms start to float to the surface, then water 20% less avoid citrus, it doesn't really do anything
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