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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/16/2002 7:10:28 AM EST
I posted here a few weeks ago for some advice on ab-work. Good advice, too, since I'm starting to see some more definition (dropped the routine to every other day and have seriously curbed the diet). One thing I *haven't* been able to follow is increasing the intensity. Someone wrote that I should work my abs so hard that I *couldn't* do them every day - they'd hurt too much the day after. I'm trying but I've found that the muscles just "quit" long before that happens - just can't complete the movements (not with decent form, anyway). Gut's getting nice and tight but I could easily do (most of) the same routine the following day. FWIW, I'm still doing 3 sets of 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 25 hanging leg lifts & 25 of those raised-seatless-chair-thingy leg lifts. So, what am I doing wrong or what other tips have you got for me (besides quit & drink more beer[:D])? Thanks again, Keith C.
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Try doing your crunches with resistance greater than your body weight.For instance,laydown,bend your knees as if to start your crunches,but with elbows tight by your face HOLD on to a weighted cable machine adjusted properly so you can keep constant weighted restistance,or grasp a X-lb.plate on your chest,during both up'n'down it is important to keep constant tension on 'em.I seem to get much more ab specific/work useing my legs to target my abs,but thats me.Cardio stuff(LEGS)also BURNS the fat layered on top of your body/abs+"oblique's last" of course, to make them more visiable/vascular.---------->[;)]ED,I used that term "KEG" to describe my ab's years ago,(self-deprocation) [;)]a kegs much more manly than a six=pac[;)]-->MY FRIEND!......34"waist[>Q][shock]
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 6:08:01 PM EST
I'm trying but I've found that the muscles just "quit" long before that happens - just can't complete the movements (not with decent form, anyway)
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Same here, but I have that problem with [i]every[/i] muscle and not just abs. As EdAvilaSr suggested, going slower does help, but it isn't a complete cure. I've found that if I eat a lot of "bad" food (pizza, a couple of hamburgers, half-pound of tuna/cheese, etc.) about three hours before working-out, the problem isn't as bad. Therefore, I think it's related to getting food to the muscles. You might want to try doing your work-out at a different time of day when you have more energy or try eating more in the meal before your work-out. It might help. A cheap crutch I use to fix this "muscle just quits" problem is by drinking a lot of coffee. The boost from the sugar (I make it more of a dessert) and caffeine helps. I don't suggest it, but at my age, I need all the help I can get.z
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Hey EdAvilaSr, Nice to see there is another Gym rat besides me on the board. There has been alot of discussion about different techniques people use to get their coveted 6pack. Well Personally IMHO its a combination of lack of body on that particular part of the body and the presence of the muscle underneath that become more visible. I find that introducing weight (ie 25lb plate held inch from your face). Instead of regular crunches work more effectively.
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Link Posted: 7/17/2002 8:51:36 AM EST
EdAvilaSr & FishandShoot, I've already worked on slowing down the movement - not like a have a choice, by the last set [:D] - but will add a 25lb plate for at least a few weeks. That's about what I've lost since January! Bolt, all exercising is done on the ground floor of "KeithC's Gym, Reloading Room, Armory, Furnace Room and Whatever-Else-The-Wife-Decides-is-Too-Ugly-for-the-Main-Floor Dumporium". In other words, my basement. I've got two dumbells, one barbell, a squat stand, maybe 200 lbs of assorted weights and my heavybag. Oh, and a chinup bar. That's it, amigo, but thanks for the tip. Zoom, I do my arms during the same set (in between the ab stuff) and don't notice the same kind of "disconnect". There's fatigue, there's strain, there's failure. Normal. The abs give me a bit of fatigue and then - bam! - can't get my shoulder blades off the floor. Doesn't hurt, just doesn't go anywhere. Go figure. Seeing as how I usually roll out of bed, feed the dogs & then immediately start the workout, it might be worth knocking back at least a cup of coffee first, just to see. Thanks again, guys. Keith C.
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Originally Posted By EdAvilaSr: I couldn't work out before having 1-2 cups of coffee.
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Given that, I have to ask: What do you think of Ephedrine? I normally take "Metab-o-Lite Plus" (60 mg Caffine, 20 mg Ehpedrine) 20 or 30 minutes before doing calisthenics. It seems to help me work out longer and harder. Do you consider this particular use of Ephedrine dangerous? Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted By EdAvilaSr: Fizz,I take it myself.Here is a pretty good discussion on the subject that we had recently. [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=127314[/url]
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Whoops...'should have looked around before asking. Thanks, Ed!
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 4:50:51 AM EST
Originally Posted By EdAvilaSr: 25 lbs weight loss(hopefully fat) is GREEEEAT...says Tony the Tiger! [;)]
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Thanks - I'm pretty happy with it myself. And it's got to be fat - I'm a big stick-boy, so I'd notice if I was losing muscle. [;)] I got laid off last winter and had time to take stock. Once I realized what a slug I'd let myself become, I kind of went a little ballistic (no pun intended). Started working out at home, running like madman 2-3 times a day, joined three different dojos and tried the ephedra-free Xenadrine for awhile (couldn't really tell if it did much but I haven't gained anything back since discontinuing). As of this week, even my 32W jeans are developing a little room. Woo-hoo! I've turned into a big punk about running over the past two months or so (you know, once temps started going over 90 every frigging day) but I'm trying to stay good about everything else. Hell, I actually *enjoy* working out now! That reminds me, is there a particular exercise for defining the obliques that won't add much bulk? Or should I just throw in a few twists with the leg-lifting stuff? Keith C.
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Link Posted: 7/19/2002 5:39:49 PM EST
First of all, the "stop drinking beer" issue might help but is not the ultimate answer. You CAN NOT spot-lose weight. Doing lots of cardio will cause you to lose weight and fat, therefore good excercising of all muscle groups will help you lose the stomach. Back to the stomach...in order to get the best workout, you need to tire out the lower abdominals first. All abdominal excercises use the lower abs and they are strongest, so you need to start with excercises that ISOLATES the lower abs and tires them out. Start by doing leg lifts, "Hello Darlings" (feet 8 inches off the floor and opening them wide and then closing to a scissor), and other such excercises. Now that they are getting tired (don't rest but a few seconds) you start to do your middle abs, then go directly to upper abs. By isolating and tiring the lower ab muscles first, you give the mid and upper abs a better workout as they have to work harder than normal because the lower abs aren't helping out as much as they used to. Hope this helps you!
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