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Posted: 8/20/2004 4:07:53 PM EST
I am wondering what the effect, if any, of this whole affair will be in regard to the media? Will the mainstream press see their non-reporting for what it is, or will they ignore what is obvious and go on with business as usual? How many stories on Bush and his National Guard record ran in the major national newspapers? How many stories have appeared in those same papers about the Kerry record? To me,  it seems patently dishonest. MoveOn.org spends some of George Soros' money to come up with an ad for John Kerry to denounce so that he can then turn around and tell the President he should denounce the Swift vets. The story in the press is the political back and forth and why didn't the President distance his campaign from the SwiftVets, while they ignore the charges made by the SwiftVets. All the while, the press try and dig up anything they can on the SwiftVets. The hypocrisy is blatant. Is there any hope for this generation of "journalists"? I guess I just need to let it go. I know how I will vote and I should understand the game and the stakes. It just seems to me that if these people can so easily ignore parts of a story that affects such an important aspect of the political process why should we listen to them at all?
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