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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/8/2002 2:37:46 PM EST
Me thinks yes. He'd be stupid not to. How do I add a poll to this fricken thread?
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:38:39 PM EST
not a chance
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:40:37 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:42:28 PM EST
He'll just keep playing the same old game. S-I
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:43:07 PM EST
... Only on paper
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:45:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:53:47 PM EST
Will Rosie O'Donnell get a boyfriend?
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:56:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By 82ndAbn: He will say his country will cooperate. After a few days, he'll start back to his non-compliance. Coupled with more excuses and accusations, he'll say its just impossible to meet the demands.
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This definitely sounds like his way of doing things.
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 2:56:31 PM EST
The inspectors will go back in. Saddam will do what he's always done and kick them out after they get close to something. Only this time we're gonna bomb them when they do it. [Flame]
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 3:15:06 PM EST
Comply or die. He needs to pratice kissing his butt goodbye.
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 3:29:12 PM EST
sad-dam is stupid, and he thinks that we are stupid and that he can drag the inspections out like n. korea did. time is on his side - another day with a lab is another day closer to having his weapons in working order. no reason to wait, he will not change, the world will be the loser.
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 3:31:17 PM EST
Here's my scenario: First, there's no doubt in my mind that the US knows exactly where Sadam is keeping his NBC stockpiles, manufacturing facilities, etc. This is based primarily on our increased intelligence gathering abilities, advancements in satellite technology since the Gulf war, and, of course, Israeli intelligence... For the first few weeks, inspectors will go to run of the mill sites for inspections and will be allowed unfettered access by the Iraqis, since both sides already know there's nothing illegal to be found at these sites. This will be done to allow the buildup of US troops and supplies. Once things are in place, the inspectors will be directed (based on US intelligence) to inspect sites known to have NBC weapons. Iraq will, of course, deny access for obvious reasons. Thee US will then return to the UN Security Council and provide proof that not only are there NBC weapons present at these sites, but also the fact that they were denied access by the Iraqis. After that, its all fair in love and war. IMHO, I don't think the US would have modified the resolution to require a second meeting of the Security Council before military action can be taken unless the US knew they could provide the proof necessary for the UN to sanction military action.. my .02 cents..
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 3:32:23 PM EST
Get used to hearing the word "delay".
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 3:34:16 PM EST
he will talk tough till the dec 7th disarming deadline, then he will quickly "comply" as he makes a last ditch effort at hiding some of his more naughty weapons. then its just a matter of time till weapons inspectors get too close for saddams comfort (or acually find WMD) and he throws them out of the country. by now, the UN will momentarily try to forget about today, but when todays agreement confronts them, they will have no choice but to join us, then all hell breaks loose in iraq
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 4:16:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 4:47:41 PM EST
If he doesn't comply...LOCKHEED MARTIN STOCK, HERE I COME!!!
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