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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 1/9/2006 7:45:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/9/2006 7:47:36 PM EDT by DriftPunch]
The article is optional, but gives a hint of the story. 7 are dead (one being guilty as hell), with possibly more as other crimes surface.

- Initial crime on New Years day, the Harvey family is murdered, they were bound and their throats were cut, including two girls, 9 and 4. They tried to burn the house, but it the fire smoldered for a while rather than torched the place. Police initially suspect revenge as the motive as the crime is so brutal, but later state robbery was the goal, and the family 'disposed of' likely for witness reasons.

- A second home invasion takes place a few days later, this time the owner is able to talk his way out of being bound, and for some reason the thugs leave early. They probably were spooked.

- A third home invasion takes place, with 3 more being bound and killed. I haven't heard of the method, but probably another throat cutting.

- Some witnesses place a woman at the scene of family 1, and homeowner 2 says a woman helped his invation. Well, guess who one of the 3 is in the 3rd invasion. It was the woman who took part in the first two. I guess the guys they finally caught didn't trust her, and disposed of her as well as her mother and stepfather.

The Harveys (family 1) were VERY popular in Richmond circles. The wife co-owns a shop in a very trendy/liberal area, and the husband is a local musician. The husband was the guitar player for the 80s/90s band House of Freaks. I suspect that they were flaming libs, and probably associated with similar types. I hope that some of those libs are thinking about how some weaponry could have changed this well liked familys fate.

Note: The Harvey family was killed around 12 noon on new years day, and while they didn't live in the burbs, they didn't live in Da Hood.

I'm staying tuned to see if they were randomly selected, or if somehow those guys got word of some good pickings in their house.

From NBC12 News
Monday, January 9, 2006

Ricky Gray, 28, and Ray Dandridge, 28, accused of killing two local families are back in Richmond. They arrived from Philadelphia Monday afternoon after agreeing in court to be extradited back to Virginia. Police had captured the two men at Dandridge’s father’s house in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Now, they will face a Richmond judge for charges from seven murders and a home invasion robbery. But the charges right now: Conspiracy to commit murder and auto theft.

“The authorities in this case chose a relatively insignificant charge for purposes of extradition,” says NBC12 legal analyst Steve Benjamin. “I predict we'll see is a multi-jurisdictional grand jury indicting on probably multiple counts of capitol murder and related charges."

Meanwhile, police in three states are now taking a second look at several unsolved cases to see if Gray and Dandridge could be to blame.

Known Victims

The Harvey Family (top photo). Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their two young daughters, Stella, 9,
and Ruby, 4.
The Tucker/Baskerville Family (bottom photos). Mary and Percyell Tucker and Mary’s daughter, Ashley Baskerville, 21.

Vehicle sought
Police are looking for a white, four-door Volkswagon in connection with Friday night's triple-homicide.

Vigil planned
A vigil for the Tucker-Baskerville family is planned at 6 p.m. Tuesday outside the family’s home in the 3400 block of East Broad Road Road by the group “Citizens Against Crime.”

The seven Richmond victims include Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their two daughters. They were found slain in the basement of their Woodland Height home on New Year’s Day. Police said they were bound with tape and severely beaten. Their throats were cut.
On Friday, Mary and Percyell Tucker and Mary’s daughter, Ashley Baskerville, 21, were found murdered in their home near McGuire Hospital, a crime police said appeared related to the Harvey killings.

Police also believe Gray and Dandridge are responsible for a home invasion in Chesterfield last week. In that case, the witnesses say a young woman was also involved. The Richmond Times-Dispatch quotes police as saying that woman was Ashley Baskerville, one of the seven murder victims. The paper says eyewitnesses also put Baskerville in the car with Gray and Dandridge when they entered the Harvey home with plans to rob it.

Family members say Baskerville got involved with drugs as a youngster and had been in and out of detention homes and jail.

Police in three states are looking to see if Gray and Dandridge might be involved in other crimes. One such case involves Gray’s wife, Treva Gray. She was found killed outside Pittsburgh just 10 days after Dandridge was released from prison in Goochland in late October.

Published reports say Dandridge went to stay with Ricky and Treva Gray at their Pennsylvania home after his release. Treva Gray, who was 35-years-old and a mother of four, was found beaten and strangled in a wooded area in Washington, Pennsylvania, 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. As of right now, Dandridge and Gray are not charged with any crime in Washington County, PA. [See video]

This isn’t Gray and Dandridge’s first brush with the law. Both men served time in prison for robbery and gun charges in northern Virginia.

Gray spent six years in prison on cocaine, robbery and gun charges before being released 3 and a half years ago. Dandridge spent 10 years time at the James River Correctional Center in Goochland for gun and robbery charges. He was released in October.

Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe says the motive for the three home invasions that allegedly resulted in seven Richmond murders, appears to have been robbery.

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