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Posted: 5/18/2001 6:41:41 PM EDT
The S&W Boycott needs to be continued and here's why. All business decisions (like the S&W decision to sell out) are made by "valuing" the risks. If the ultimate value is positive, you do it. S&W did it because they thought they could quantify our anger, absorb the cost and still get rich. The other gun companies do the same thing, S&W did it successfully in 1968 (when their first sell out occurred), and other gun companies WILL DO IT in the future if the present value of the decision is positive. So, our task is to convince EVERY GUN COMPANY that the present value of a sell-out of the Second Amendment CAN NEVER BE POSITIVE. NEVER. To do that S&W must be rendered valueless and the company (the asset pool that it represents) destroyed. Now that Saf-T-Hammer (no "friend" of the Second Amendment before now) has bought S&W, they both must be destroyed. Only then will the MBA's who run America's gun companies KNOW that the cost of a sell out is destruction. Only then will resistence ALWAYS be the choice with the greater present value. The boycott must continue until the S&W asset is TOTALLY VALUELESS. So do not purchase any post-agreement gun, knife, t-shirt, jacket or anything. Break S&W not to punish them (or their former executives or current owners) but to INSURE no other gun company ever thinks that capitulation has a higher present value that total resistence. "Resist or die" must be engraved on the hearts and minds of every gun industry executive. You won't suffer, they will. There are enough used but pristine, pre-agreement S&W revolvers out there to satisfy demand for a hundred years. I know, I own several wonderful S&W revolvers not one purchased new from S&W. If Saf-T-Hammer goes under, so be it. They didn't learn the business lesson - there is NO present or future value in a sell-out. They paid value (and promised to pay $50 million more) to S&W's owners so they must LOSE that investment value. Only then will every gun company know that you can't eek any value out of a capitulation. Only then will no other company pay anything to those who sell out. It's the economic side of the political war we are in to preserve Freedom.
Link Posted: 5/18/2001 7:03:19 PM EDT
Saf-T-Hummer will use S&W for a platform for future government-mandated firearms safety devices. They won't care if you buy anything or not. They'll be suckin' on the government nipple like a defense contractor. Stay tuned.
Link Posted: 5/18/2001 7:13:43 PM EDT
the conspiracy will come full cicrcle when all non computer electronic pistols are banned and smith and wesson will have the only operational elecrtogun, thanks to uncle sam. it all makes too much sense.
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