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Posted: 5/13/2004 10:55:29 AM EST
I don't get it. The libs/dems have been consumed by hatred for Bush (and conservatives in general) since 2000. But what good does their hate do them? How do they deal with it? I mean, they hate us gun people and conservatives with every fiber of their being. But what can they do about it? All that I've ever seen them do is to try to take over government so they can legislate their agenda, the courts so they can legalize their agenda, and the education system so they can brainwash the young from the cradle. But despite their best efforts, they're still not finding success on many Americans. Some of these people (the rich elitists) have been patient for generations and very methodic in their slow subversion of the country and the ideals it was founded upon. But even with those people, I see a sense of urgency and desperation now starting to creep into their rhetoric. But they have no immediate outlet or quick fixes that they can use to make quick little advances and satisfy their desires temporarily to rid the world of US. They can't just take us over in an armed insurrection. They don't believe in arms. The can't beat the crap out of us in groups because they are pussies who don't have the guts to put it all on the line. So at this point, I am just waiting for them to freakin explode from all the hatred and pressure. You wanna talk about the "BIG BANG"!

I believe one thing though (as a religious person)... that the leadership of the Democratic Party (Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Kerry, etc) knows, and has always known EXACTLY what they are doing and what they are trying to bring about. That makes them pure EVIL to me. They are a willing tool of Satan and just like him, they are getting restless in these last days. Whereas, the majority of Dems are either ignorant, lazy, slightly corrupted, or just too emotional to deal with life in a logical fashion. Nevertheless, they are still willing tools in bringing about Satan's wishes... they just don't realize WHO the real master of their puppet actions are. Many, if the realization hit them, would vacate their direction, and many would not. Either way, the world is polarizing, battle lines are being drawn, and sides are being chosen. The pace of time seems to be quickening and I have been feeling that "the end" is not far off. Many will say that people were talking about "the last days" millenia ago. But judging by the events that I have seen unfold in my life, I don't think we have millenia or even centuries left. I don't believe this world will survive beyond the seemingly looming destruction of this country.
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