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Posted: 1/18/2015 10:42:00 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/18/2015 10:42:00 AM EST by Lancelot]

I posted this link to a scope that leupol is included int the title. We all know it not a genuine leupold scope for $99 from china.
It doesn't even look like a leupold, the in the picture it doesn't even have the name leupold on the scope.

My only intent was to bring discussion.
I don't think anyone on here is dumb enough to think it was genuine so why lock the post. It is a legitimate website.
If you want to clean up this forum why don't you start with all these name calling Rambo wannabe's who live in their mothers basement and bring nothing but drama to what could be a really informative forum.

There was no explanation except "this is not GD" there were no rules broken let your members have an open discussion. What the Heck is not GD?
Link Posted: 1/17/2015 4:01:17 PM EST
GD = general discussion.

This is a technical forum.

If you just wanted to generate discussion posting this in the "GD" forum would be much more appropriate and elicit more responses.
Link Posted: 1/18/2015 2:34:15 AM EST
How is a discussion on a knock off scope in any form or fashion technical? I'm not even sure what kind of discussion you were trying to start. It's a chinese knock off. Essentially a piece of shit. We don't need a discussion to figure that out.

On another note, you should probably stop trying to make waves when you barely even know the forum (which is quite obvious, considering you obviously just posted this again). You won't last long around here doing dumb shit in the tech forums.
Link Posted: 1/18/2015 8:49:09 AM EST
Its not just a "knock off", as in a attempt to look like something else, it is outright FRAUD. It is being advertized as Leupold. When someone comes on this board and reposts the illegal fraud, the poster is at a minumum a naive person being manipulated by the originator, or at worst, complict in the illegal act. In OP's case I give him the benfit of the doubt. He should think really hard about this. Just one opinion.
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