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Posted: 10/16/2008 9:14:21 AM EST
Most of the nations America inports oil from stop making money at about $70.00 a barrel.
The lost of income will slow down the military build up of our enemies depopularize the idea of useing the price of oil against us now that a drop in price equals a drop in demand.
Chavez,Putin,Ahmadinejad and others base their ability manipulate the US on their control over the flow of oil.
But with Wall street doing badly the fact that Americans are still going to work every day and benefiting from the drop in fuel cost American's enemies must now wonder if the DOW is a smaller part of the American economy than they thought.
The idea that America's economy is dynamic and not a lumbering monolyth that can be easily traped must be disheartning to those who see America's might tied to it's wealth.
If every time the cost goes up the demand goes down oil will no longer be an effective weapon.
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