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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/18/2006 11:27:12 PM EST
It's 3:30 here in the Central US.

I've often wondered why various members of the night crew are up and posting. Me? I'm not usually here. Tonight I got in bed with me wife around 10:00. I got up to let the puppy out, but was having dreams about my brother (deceased) and I am really not wanting to go to bed.

So what's your story?
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:27:58 PM EST
1:30ish here in Cali...

Heading to bed soon.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:30:41 PM EST
Because its not bedtime yet. I work 2nd shift, so bedtime falls after 4am.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:31:49 PM EST
Third shift. Keeping up with the other vampires.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:37:44 PM EST

Originally Posted By MoparMike:
Because its not bedtime yet. I work 2nd shift, so bedtime falls after 4am.

Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:38:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:38:15 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/18/2006 11:43:54 PM EST by Buzzstrike]
Heck someone has to fix the damn airplanes around here.

Unless you like having airplanes lawn darting into you back yard...

And before any one asks

I'm on break..

I don't care if it is on fire..

It's a MD-88. We have 119 of those fuckers left....

Got mashmellows?

Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:39:08 PM EST
OH SHIT!!! I thought it was almost 8:00 PM!!! I MISSED "COPS"!!

Hell its 1:30 AM... I missed a lot of stuff
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:39:24 PM EST
Just got up
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:40:45 PM EST

Originally Posted By Rem700PSS:

No, that would be the viagra.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 11:57:52 PM EST
The mighty 7P-7:30A shift. My 13th in a row.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:03:25 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/19/2006 12:03:39 AM EST by 2A373]
It's 7:03 p.m. here in Korea.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:09:59 AM EST
I'm at work, they frown upon internet surfing, thats why I'm using "Jobrelatedstuff.com", nothing to do at work either, mgt. only delivered a 1/3 of the research paper work I was supposed to do this weekend and turn in monday morning, did all of that last night, tomarrow nights gonna be a repete of tonight.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:12:11 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:14:13 AM EST
Working, covering a shift for someone.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:15:42 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:55:01 AM EST
Off tonight but usally work night shift
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:56:56 AM EST
Why am I still up?

Heck if I know....

I've got to be at work in five hours.

I don't know if I should even bother trying to sleep.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:16:09 AM EST
Because its 14:15 here in Iraq
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:18:16 AM EST
Heading to bed now,

Goodnight all.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:23:20 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/19/2006 1:23:45 AM EST by Hylton]
6:21 here in West Virginia, just got finished watching The Dukes of Hazzard for the first time and after seeing Jessica Simpson in a bathing suit I'm having trouble sleeping
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:29:35 AM EST
Workin night shift in NOLA.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:30:36 AM EST
I'm an insomniac.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:37:44 AM EST
Got to stay up until about 7 or 8am so I can sleep all day. This way I'll be worth a damn working 12 hour night shifts.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 1:47:35 AM EST

Originally Posted By svtfast:
Because its 14:15 here in Iraq

Now it's 2:48.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 2:19:20 AM EST
1517 now
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 2:23:13 AM EST
1521 Sunday afternoon
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