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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/18/2005 12:44:39 AM EDT
I recently bought a Kershaw folding knife (about a week ago) and it already needs to be sharpened. So, what do you reccomend for getteing that razor sharp edge back? Where can I get it from, and how much does it cost?

Link Posted: 9/18/2005 1:18:07 AM EDT
Spyderco Sharpmaker.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 3:34:03 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/18/2005 3:36:21 AM EDT by Backstop]

Been using the same one since the late 80s. Replaced the stones once or twice, though.

I don't know where in Mich they sell them. Here in TX you can get them at Academy. I get the replacement stones at Nagel's gun shop - go figure.

I recommend you buy the 3 stone version - really don't need much more.

I have no idea about the cost now - mine was less than $20.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:14:20 AM EDT
I have the Lansky one that costs $6. Just pull the blade through the "V". Sharp in 4 seconds flat. Almost too convenient, makes you wonder if you did anything at all since it is too easy.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 10:37:19 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:31:39 PM EDT
is this just for one knife?
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:39:07 PM EDT
+1 Spyderco makes a great sharpener, better than Lansky's IMO.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:41:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:48:33 PM EDT
Spyderco and the Edgepro Apex.
Edgepro Review
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 12:57:56 PM EDT
Another vote for Lansky.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 1:06:45 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:31:45 PM EDT

Originally Posted By dano1:
is this just for one knife?

Pretty much. Why?
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 4:57:38 PM EDT
I use a Tormek sharpening system. It's a slow-revolution wet stone grinding wheel. It's very expensive but worth it for me. I use it to sharpen all my knives, chisels, handplanes, planer/jointer blades and the guy's knives at the fire station. I've also made a few bucks on the side with it.

Link Posted: 9/18/2005 8:55:53 PM EDT

Originally Posted By shop_rat45:

Originally Posted By dano1:
is this just for one knife?

Pretty much. Why?

I'd recommend an edge-pro, but at ~$140ish not worth it for what ya got. One of the low end lansky systems , as mentioned, would do you just fine at a lot less $$.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 8:58:27 PM EDT
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