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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/6/2002 12:16:01 AM EST
I plan to try to register, my "un-registered" pre-SB23 AR's (they are out of sate at this time, hehehe) before the APR-1st dead line. The law states that you can buy SB23 pre-ban guns with no dead line, as lon as you have dept approval. It also states (old law) that you can buy pre ban Robberti-Roos guns, but for Dept use only. Being LEO and per the amendment I'm not asking for much, but my Dept is hi-profile and very political so I have little chance. I plan to try anyway, any one else try? what kind of responce have you had? Why have I not seen this subject posted before, it should have been big news for us that live behind the curtain? I have hear scuddle-butt on this issue, but only have seen it in writing yeasterday.
Link Posted: 3/6/2002 12:51:11 AM EST
[URL]http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/infobuls/0105.pdf[/URL] A reading of the above reference brings a question to mind. If you moved the weapons out of state to avoid registration, why would you want to register them now? Also, if you purchased the weapons out of state after SR23 went into effect, and left them there, why would you want to tell your chief that you committed a federal felony or two doing so?
Link Posted: 3/10/2002 5:01:12 AM EST
Yes, I like my job. Any attempt to obtain Dept. approval would require an explanation of how and when they were obtained and reson for the request (they better be leagal). All of my guns are of leagal purchase and proper registration. Lets just say that I shipped some of them out to avoid registration but if given another chance, I would like to have them home. I figure that I can export them when it comes time for confiscation, if it ever does. The only post Jan-2001 leagl purchase (with out the new amendment) that I can think of would be a stripped receiver. I guess if a person wanted to build a receiver that he purchased post Jan-2001 and had squirled it away for a rainy day, he could get permission to register it, then register as a complete weapon and build it as such. I'll admitt that I'm not totaly sure of the leaglities of the above idea. when you think you know all there is to know about the gun laws, you blink your eyes and they are changed.
Link Posted: 3/10/2002 9:51:37 AM EST
Well, you have until April 1st to mail the registration. I doubt that you will have time to complete it unless your chief is quick and DOJ is even quicker sending you the forms (or you download them). Read the link and get it right. Your job is worth more than your rifle.
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