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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/11/2002 8:23:36 AM EST
First they shot their mouths off all last weekend about how "the kids are safe" and "go about your daily routine" and lo and behold the sniper got an idea to tag a kid at a school. NOW they won't say jack squat about anything. These idiots simply won't say "We pretty much have to wait until he makes a mistake to catch him." They are not telling people anytrhing constructive that they can do to minimize their own risk. Anyone remember the Son of Sam killings? Remember how long that one took? And that was a moron with a handgun. This guy is probably intelligent. He has a superiority complex and enjoys making the police look stupid. And the local law enforcement seems more concerned with "looking stupid" than protecting the public. Bottom line: They have a sniper opperating with impunity at random. That is the reality. Nobody is safe, people should NOT just go about their business. In a combat situation where soldiers are armed, nobody just walks around when a sniper is active.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 8:27:29 AM EST
Police..? NO! Media..? YES!
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 8:31:40 AM EST
For clarification, Police "officials." I didn't mean to imply uniformed patrol officers. And yeah, the media is culpable.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 8:36:32 AM EST
I THINK THAT THE ASSCLOWN MURDERER IS THE ONE GETTING PEOPLE KILLED! That being said, both the police and the media could certainly pull their heads out of their asses, sure, but the only one causing murder and mayham is the homicidal freak of nature.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 8:56:13 AM EST
oh, yea! I particularly like the part where the officials tell lawmakers not to have too many out door press conferences. Why not just post an add in the paper, "Good Targets for MD Murderer......Schools, Politicians(ok, we'll let it slide), ect.........(I'm not going to help the scumbag out, but you get the idea). I am not impressed with the way this is being handled. This person is getting exactly what they want....terror in the streets. I just hope we don't have a rash of copy cats like in the schools, later. I think the media is responsible for most of those with too much coverege.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 9:01:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/11/2002 9:06:31 AM EST by longshot_va]
No, but they are trying. 'go about business as usual' 'take your kids to school' One comment from Moose was actually along the lines of 'stand on the corner and keep a lookout' So far though it looks like the guy has his own agenda and has not capitalized on the nonsense being put forth. Its like they are chumming the waters so they can catch this shark. Only [b] I'm the chum!!! [/b] [shock] --LS
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 9:26:07 AM EST
UNREAL. On Fox just now, two reporters were speculating that one possible reaons the shootings are localized is the sniper only has regular TV because he is such a LOSER he cannot afford cable. BRILLIANT! What a good idea. Let's try and piss off a vindicitive sniper. But on the plus side I applaud their efforts to turn the snipers attention to media personnel.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 9:32:46 AM EST
It’s not that the police are incompetent (though in hindsight I’m sure mistakes will be seen), it’s that what this coward is doing is so very, very easy. My real anger is with the news media. By their actions they are giving advice and support to the shooter. I don’t think they care; they just want to keep their ratings up! Also, by subtly suggesting the police are doing a poor job, they get to inflate their own sense of self-importance. Remember that each time the media discusses firearms – something we all know about - they totally botch it up. Don’t you think they are also doing that with the facts concerning the police investigation? Or do you suddenly trust them again? I agree that more info could be released that would help us avoid these situations. The reality, though, is that what saves one person’s life simply takes another’s. If the kid at the school hadn’t been shot, someone else would have been. This area is simply too “target-rich”!! I agree emphatically with you that people should not simply “go about their business”. Till this guy is caught or killed, people should lay low (you should see me gassing up my Jeep!!). Things have really changed here and many people are doing just that – esp. as regards their kids. Still, you can’t simply hide in your house all the time. If they don’t get this guy pretty soon, we’re going to have a Halloween with a real goblin on the loose.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 9:46:12 AM EST
Well Son of Sam had a satanic dog on his side. I'm just wondering who this guy is and what his purpose is. Son of Sam, went after dark shoulder lenght hair girls, this guy is just shooting anything breathing.
Link Posted: 10/11/2002 9:49:35 AM EST
If it bleeds, it leads, the more blood , the more soap that is sold during the commercials. The media has nothing but a 100% vested interest in keeping this going as long as they can.
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